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Welcome to the world of the metal decorations, made by the cold forging way.
The variety of them are interesting as a part of home decoration, floristics accessories and garden equipment.
History of forging backs thousands of years.  The smithy or forge has evolved through centuries to become a facility with engineered processes, production equipment, tooling, raw materials and products to meet the demands of modern industry.
Forging is elegant, durable and reliable and blends well with any architectural style.
Cold forging is used for the manufacture of forged products for the design of the exterior and interior environment in apartments or cottages.

       You may  decorate your home or garden by stands for flowers, decor for  garden, garden arches. Also mini-bars, candlesticks, clocks will be a beautiful  accents in your house. Furniture and all kinds of decor of metal or wood, all this you can buy right now.  You can order any items from our sections, without leaving home. Internet shop Kovkacom ™ operates on the territory of Ukraine, Russia, EU. 
All metal and wood products can be bought wholesale and retail.

       Worldwide forged products are gaining in popularity. Such products are used at home and in the garden apartment. We can say that cold forging - is the art: so looks aesthetically forged products.

        If you are looking for forged products of excellent quality and at reasonable prices, you have come to the correct site.

 In order to buy goods wholesale, please visit page Cooperation to get more information about.

 If you like cold forging - our shop a place for a permanent visit!

The site kovkacom.com.ua propose wide range of products: flower stands, furniture, garden decor, gifts, flower arches, weathervanes, minibars, candlesticks, decorative items, clocks, magnets and many other different decor.


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