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All products displayed on our website are the products that combines high-quality and attractive appearance. Elegant and delicate decorative elements are no exception. All decorative elements, presented on our site are made from high quality and durable metal. With a wide range of all kinds of ornate squiggles, swirls, leaves, flowers and various corners, abstract shapes, and many other decorative items, carved out of metal you can put together for yourself by your hands truly a work of art that is unique and unrepeatable. 


These decorative metal elements will not interchangeable in any interior decor, residential houses, apartments, terraces, garden plot, storefront, café or restaurant, office space or any other premises. Thanks to the skillful approach and artistic taste kompanuya few decorative elements of metal, you can create an unforgettable artistic composition that long will delight your eyes. Grouping several decorative elements, you can decorate the wall of a private house, a summer terrace or invent a unique design for weaving flowers. Such as decorative items are very popular in the decoration of the entrance gate, gates and various types of fences and fences. Composition made of decorative elements cut from metal, can be a wonderful addition architecture and landscape.

Quite often you can find the use of such decorative elements in landscape design. They are often used in decorating the fences for beds, designs for weaving grapes and other perennial climbing plants.

On our site you can choose the size, select the shape and thickness you like a decorative element in the on-line or go to the designer and assemble your ornament elements for fences, trellises or other decor and order through the basket at any you time.

Elements for decor (DIY)

Minimal Price: 2.00