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The “Loft” style in the design of apartments or office premises proved its relevance and functionality. Many eminent designers resort to the use of elements of this style, if it is necessary to give the space lightness, ease, comfort.

Furniture "Loft" among other stylistic trends stands out with particular practicality and eclecticism in appearance. Items of such furniture can complement the various styles in the interior. Buy furniture "Loft" is not a problem now, but to harmoniously fit it into the concept of the room - art.

Of particular importance designers give tables in the interior of the apartment. This applies not only to the dining tables in the kitchen, but also to the Loft tables in the living room, hall and even on the balcony. Table "Loft" has several advantages over traditional furniture:

- compactness;

- conciseness;

- versatility;

- practicality;

- refinement of forms.

Tables in the house have always been given a sacred value. Only the closest people, relatives, those whom they trusted were invited to the table. The table has always been and remains a symbol of hospitality, location, respect. This particular piece of furniture should be given special attention when creating a perfect interior in your living space.

Table "Loft" in kitchen design

Habitual tables in the kitchen space look like elephants in a china shop. They occupy most of the quadrature, although to fulfill their direct functions, half of the space is sufficient. If you want to equip the kitchen as comfortably and stylishly as possible - the Loft tables are definitely your choice.

Do not forget that a large table in the kitchen is, above all, problems with cleanliness. This room must be cleaned every day without fail. The presence of crumbs and leftover food can attract cockroaches to the house, which will take a lot of headaches. Choose compact and comfortable tables! This will eliminate the problems with room hygiene and simplify everyday tasks.

In the model lines of this piece of furniture there are representatives with large dimensions, medium and very small. Table "Loft" for the kitchen should be medium in size. You can use it for daily family meals and meetings with friends over a cup of coffee. This table will not cause inconvenience and decorate your interior. If you buy a “Loft” table with a wooden tabletop, then such furniture will create an atmosphere of peace and unity with nature in the kitchen.

The use of tables "Loft " in the design of the living room or hall.

Furniture "Industrial" creates a feeling of free space and harmony in any room. For the living room and the hall is often used style "Loft" because of its high functionality.

Table "Loft" in the interior of the living room or hall most often plays the role of a coffee table. This piece of furniture will not burden you with large dimensions or whimsical care. Traditional coffee tables often have a glass worktop, which involves constant manipulation with rubbing the surface to shine. It is extremely impractical if you have children. Traces of children's fingers on the shiny surface of the table do not look so elegant.

Table "Loft" excludes such problems. Even if its surface was stained, in order to bring it into proper form, it is enough just to wipe it with a damp cloth and then walk dry. This is where all the care manipulations end. You can certainly rub the countertop polish, but it is not included in the list of mandatory conditions for long table life and its impeccable appearance.

Table "Loft" in the arrangement of the balcony

The interior fashion of recent years has begun to actively promote the creation of space for work or leisure in a balcony. Small sofas or chairs fit perfectly into the limited square of the balcony. There you can equip a room for reading, a study or just a cozy corner for tea drinking and relaxation.

Table "Loft" in such conditions will be most welcome. Furniture "Industrial" does not take up much space and harmoniously fits into the theme of rest and comfort. You can buy a Loft table for a balcony from any model range from a trusted manufacturer. It is important to remember only that the table for a small quadrature is better to choose the most compact.

If the Loft table has the ability to adjust the height of the tabletop, then it can be used as a universal and multifunctional furniture. In the warm season, such a table would be appropriate on the balcony. When the winter cold creates not too comfortable temperatures for tea drinking in the balcony space, the table can be set in the living room or hall. Here he can play the role of a coffee table.

Loft tables outside the apartment

In addition to living space in the style of "Loft" often equip offices or coffee shops. In the workspace , the Loft table will become an indispensable piece of furniture in the reception room or meeting room. The table creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, allows you to quickly find a common language with a business partner or client. Conversation over a cup of coffee is easier and friendlier.

If you want to buy a table "Loft" for a coffee shop, then this choice is fully justified. Furniture "Loft" allows you to create more seats, thereby increasing profits. The area of ​​the room may be quite small. Your visitors will be comfortable to sit at such a table for a meal, they will feel relaxed and calm.

If you decorate the walls of a coffee shop with shelves and lamps in the “Loft” style, the room will be transformed beyond recognition. The coffee house will acquire unique features and will become a favorite place for friendly gatherings or romantic encounters.

Create space for creativity and relaxation!

Tables Loft

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