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Furniture "Industrial" sometimes simply amazes with its diversity and versatility of forms. The configurations of these pieces of furniture can take the most unimaginable forms. One thing remains unchanged - the durability and uniqueness of such furniture.

Loft style is freedom of thought, an open space for fresh ideas and beginnings. Some owners of apartments or houses resort to the help of professional interior designers to create a comfortable and stylistically filled room. Others prefer to embody their, sometimes insane, ideas and dreams in the living space. And he and the other approach is the place to be. Only with self-design room in the style of "Loft" is important to consider a few extremely important moments.

The general idea of ​​self-fulfillment

If you decide to decorate the apartment in the style of "Loft", it is best to first sketch out on paper or in a special program on the computer a rough plan for the location of furniture and accessories. It is important to specify the size of the furniture in order not to be misled with the organization of the space.

If you are completely satisfied with the old furniture, and you would not want to get rid of it, then you need only a little work on its reincarnation. For example, in your kitchen there is a good table, which is a pity to throw out. You only need to cover the countertop with paint to match the room and buy supports for the Loft tables . Such a tricky move will significantly save money on repairs and simplify your task.

If the apartment has large cabinets or sofas, then they can be disassembled into separate shelves, and it is better to sell. In the Loft room, bulky furniture is absolutely not needed.

Design and colors

Style "Loft" in the interior involves the use of muted pastel colors. This direction of interior design does not accept bright, rich, flashy colors. The color range "Loft" ranges from light beige to clay brown. Black color can also be used, but it is better to avoid it when setting up the rooms yourself. Black is able to visually reduce the space, make it more gloomy, coarse and give all the flaws in the painting.

An important role is played by the color of the furniture in the room. Furniture made of metal and wood looks very advantageous. In the living room you can install a small bar table, in the kitchen there is a large kitchen table, in the bedroom there is a wooden Loft cabinet. If there is a desire and time, then tabletops for tables can be created independently. Just buy the legs under the "Loft" and paint, which qualitatively fall on the basis of wood. Such furniture will be a highlight of your interior. Do not forget that you will not find the second such table in the world. This move will highlight the uniqueness of your interior.

Do-it-yourself Loft tables

When creating a table, remember that the wooden legs for such a piece of furniture are poorly suited. First, they are difficult to clearly and evenly fix on a homemade surface. Secondly, they are short-lived and can damage the flooring. It is better to buy support for the tables "Loft" ready. They are adjusted in height, made of metal (which greatly increases their durability) and treated with special powder paint. At home, so handle the metal will not work. Powder paint is completely safe for health and saves metal from corrosion.

The most spectacular and interesting is the creation of countertops using epoxy resin. This method is not very expensive, but the result is simply amazing. Epoxy resin creates the effect of crystallization of surfaces, has a transparent structure and ultimately provides increased surface strength and resistance to mechanical damage.

To create such a countertop, you will need a wooden base (or several wide boards with a pronounced structure), paints and epoxy resin. The surface of the tree may not be ideally smooth, as long as there are no protruding parts. Wood is treated from dust and residues of chips, painted (if desired) and poured with a thick layer of epoxy resin. Next, the tabletop needs to dry out properly so that the resin hardens. After all the manipulations, it remains only to buy the legs under the “Loft” and combine these table details together. Your unique furniture "Loft" is ready!

In a simple way, you can create a bar table. To do this, you just need to cut a small wooden tabletop, open it with varnish or paint and install supports for the Loft tables.

With hangers, stools or shelves things are different. They are much more difficult to do with your own hands, so it is better to buy ready-made furniture "Loft" . But with the tables you can handle yourself and save the family budget.

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