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Furniture "Loft" allows you to structure the space of the apartment - it is a fact. Applying the style of "Industrial" in a small dwelling, you get the opportunity to create a full functional interior.

Close apartment can be turned into a great spacious room by redevelopment. If you remove unnecessary walls and partitions, the apartment will seem several times larger. If we equip it in the style of "Loft", then the maximum functionality is provided.

It is not always possible to remove certain walls. Then come to the aid of shelves in the style of "Loft". This furniture allows you to free up space from many things, ordering them in a vertical position on the wall.

With the help of shelves "Loft" you can also zone the space. Often such a technique can be noticed when arranging apartments, studios, offices or country houses, where the square of the room allows you to divide it into functional areas.

In a small apartment, zoning is also appropriate. If you have a large hall, then it can be divided into a recreation and work area. Putting the shelf "Loft", you cut the space into two different planes. This allows not to make large-scale repairs for the installation of additional partitions.

Shelf "Loft" in the hallway

The atmosphere of the apartment is perceived already at the entrance to it. The first room that impresses the guests is the entrance hall. As a rule, such a room has a narrow shape and a very small square. But the requirements for the functionality of such a room clearly exceed its size.

Storing shoes and outerwear, keys and wallets, cosmetics and other small things - this is an incomplete list of things that are most often located in the hallway. Installing a closet in this room is a very dubious event. The narrow shape of the room creates discomfort when opening the doors of the cabinets. If one of the household members decided to get something out of the closet, the others have almost no chance of reaching the front door.

Such interference allows you to eliminate the shelf "Loft". In the interior of the hall, this furniture looks very organic and appropriate. Shelves do not have doors and additional partitions, which significantly adds space to the limited hallway.

Such shelves often contain a lot of things that allow you to structure the space and create a sense of order and coherence.

Use of Loft shelves in the interior of a dressing room or bedroom

If your apartment has a dressing room, then the best solution for it will be a shelf in the style of " Loft ". This piece of furniture will provide an opportunity to restore order in things and it does not take up much space.

The Loft shelf will also fit perfectly into the pantry. This niche for every masterful detail requires maximum compactness from furniture. Furniture "Loft" meets all requirements and eliminates the appearance of mold and moisture in the room. Loft shelves do not have side walls and doors. This allows air to circulate freely.

In the bedroom shelf "Loft" can become a highlight. You can place cute family photos or designer interior accessories on it. The shelves will harmoniously fit into the space of this room and become the highlight of the general idea of ​​the room.

Shelf "Loft" in the bathroom or toilet

Now the design of the bathroom and toilet is becoming increasingly important. Standard tile trim has sunk into oblivion. In the toilets and bathrooms now you can find paintings and installations.

Loft shelves are a less extreme interior solution, but very practical. On the shelves you can place all the necessary hygiene products, clean towels, small decor items. All this will create an atmosphere of calm and comfort, will plunge into the world of relaxation and relaxation.

Is the loft shelf outside the apartment appropriate?

Furniture "Industrial" is increasingly found in the interior of office premises or cafes. The “Loft” style is capable of creating a relaxed atmosphere, a feeling of home comfort and coziness. At the same time, to create such a style in the interior, it is not even necessary to attract specialists in interior design. Suffice it to withstand the color scheme of the style, apply the minimum finish to the walls, buy furniture "Loft" and enjoy the result.

Shelves "Loft" in the interior of an office or cafe will allow you to bring notes of ease, freedom of thought, creativity into your daily routine.

Installing such shelves in the office will provide an opportunity to free up space from office extravagance. Staplers, punches, folders with papers, sets of stickers and notepads - all this can be streamlined and neatly placed on the shelves "Loft". Do not clutter up your desktop. Shelves will accommodate all the most harmonious and convenient.

In the cafe you can often find shelves "Loft", cluttered with books for visitors. It is very eye-catching and creates the feeling that you are cared for. Such a move attracts customers and gives them the opportunity to enjoy a good book in the company of aromatic tea or coffee.

Complete your interior with “Loft” shelves and see how the overall mood of the room will change!

Shelves Loft

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