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The "Loft" style in the arrangement of kitchen space is particularly popular among interior designers. The Loft kitchen is distinguished by its interesting texture on the walls and the functionality of the furniture.

Furniture "Loft" for kitchens and living rooms offers a huge range of a variety of shapes and textures. Bar table - one of the directions.

Bar furniture can be a central figure in the kitchen. Most often, designers make the main emphasis in the design of kitchen space on the bar counter.

If earlier the bar table was associated with light snacks and cocktails, then the modern “Industrial” style provides for its use as the main element of the functional space.

Bar tables can be various configurations and forms. One thing remains unchanged - they fit perfectly in a small square and occupy a minimum of space.

Some apartment owners believe that the bar table is too small place for a comfortable meal or tea. This is nothing more than a myth.

Bulky tables for half a room have long gone out of interior fashion and are not in special demand. And it's not only in their appearance and dimensions. A large table takes up most of the space, cuts the style of the room and does not justify by its functionality the quadrature provided to it.

Bar table as an element of zoning

Zoning of the room was included in the lexicon of interior designers not so long ago, but it was already firmly established in it. It is possible to divide the space of a room into separate functional areas not only by alterations or the erection of new walls. This can be done using different colors, using original textures or furniture.

The bar table is the most appropriate piece of furniture that will help divide the cooking zone and the dining zone. Even if you have a small kitchen - it does not matter . The bar table takes up very little space, but at the same time creates a sense of structured space in the room.

Installing a bar counter that is attached to the wall is not always appropriate and justified, both in a small apartment and in a spacious one. Elegant and small-sized furniture can not be called. Yes, and from the traditional table, it differs only in the presence of suspensions for glasses over his head.

Now at the peak of the popularity of interior fashion are small tables that stand apart. Most often, they have a round tabletop on exquisite metal legs.

This table format is universal. You can install it in any part of the room, and it will fit there perfectly.

Cleaning the kitchen with Loft furniture is a pleasure. Even the most fragile lady can effortlessly move the bar table and stools to another place in order to perform all the cleaning manipulations.

How to choose a bar table?

When choosing this piece of furniture you should pay attention not only to the appearance, but also to safety.

  1. Coloring . If you prefer a bar table on a metal support, it is imperative to make sure that the surface was painted with safe and tested paint. The best option would be a table, the support of which is treated with special powder paint. Such staining does not carry any health hazards at all and for a long time contains a support in a proper form, preventing corrosion from disturbing it.
  2. Sustainability. There are a great many models of bar tables . But if you have children, then it is best to pay special attention to the sustainability of this piece of furniture. The safest option will be the one whose legs are widely spread on the floor surface. The leg of the table can be thin and graceful at the tabletop, but it must be sure to diverge by 3-4 stable legs at the foot. This allows the table to withstand pressure and jolts of different strengths.
  3. Materials Now the most relevant models are bar tables , in which the tops are made of natural wood, and the legs are made of metal. As a rule, the wooden surface is covered with varnish that is safe for health. The texture of the tree remains unchanged and this adds a special charm to such furniture. In terms of durability, such tables are superior to plastic for many years. If you buy a bar table made of wood and metal, then it will serve you well, and will delight you and your loved ones for a very long time.

Bar table : highlight or flatulence?

Bar furniture has long been no wonder. If a couple of decades ago, similar pieces of furniture were perceived as a whim, now their installation is fully justified by convenience and practicality.

The use of the Loft style together with the corresponding furniture in the interior design of the apartment allows freeing up a huge space for free movement, new ideas and discoveries.

Do not use a large number of interior accessories. The bar table can become the highlight of your apartment. If you buy bar furniture made from natural materials, such as wood, then such a room design will not leave anyone indifferent. And you will bring a sense of unity with nature, comfort and peace!

Bar tables

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