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The interior in the style of "Loft" often acts as a "lifeline" for very small apartments. Such a design decision allows to make a stylish and spacious studio apartment out of the unsightly “odnushki”.

In the once cramped apartment there is a lot of light and free space. It makes no sense to redevelop the apartment and then make it bulky and unwieldy furniture. Furniture "Industrial" will be the best option, not only for a small apartment. Many owners of large city apartments or country houses prefer to equip their homes in the style of "Loft". This is justified by the desire for simplicity and sophistication, which in every detail of this style is fully revealed.

Furniture "Loft" is distinguished by its functionality, originality and conciseness. In many pieces of such furniture are used natural materials. This makes the furniture even more attractive and individual.

Of particular interest lately is the installation of bar counters in the kitchen and in the living room. This approach to the arrangement of the apartment caused by the orientation of the European interior fashion. The living space filled with fresh air, inspiration, and attention to trifles fit more into the modern lifestyle. In addition, the bar counter for the kitchen and living room is more suitable in terms of order in the house. If traditional clumsy furniture makes it very difficult to restore order and accumulates a huge amount of dust and dirt, then Loft furniture is the opposite. Due to its mobility and small size, it absolutely does not interfere with cleaning.

Bar stool "Loft": how to choose and buy ?

Bar stool "Loft" should be made of high quality materials. If a piece of furniture has a base made of metal, then for the maximum safety of your family, it is better to give preference to a chair painted with special powder paint. This coating does not cause any harm to health and protects the chair from corrosion.

The presence of wood in the design of the stool is an indisputable plus to the appearance and your peace of mind. The presence of natural materials in the design of the apartment sets up a wave of peace and awakens a creative beginning.

Bar stools come in various types, sizes, configurations. To choose the best option for this piece of furniture for yourself and your family, you need to consider several important parameters:

- Growth of family members . Chairs of the same height can not be equally comfortable for people of different heights. It is best to give preference to bar stools, whose height is adjustable. The height of the chair can also be determined by removing 25-30 cm from the height of the bar table.

- Material. Bar stools, which are made of metal with the addition of wood, are the most durable and durable. These materials are easy to clean, they make the stool as durable and resistant to damage. If you buy a bar stool "Loft" made of plastic, then its service life will continue exactly until the first serious fall. When you have children in your house, this is a question for a couple of weeks. Bar stool made of metal and wood is much more resistant than plastic, it is less traumatic. After the fall it will not remain a trace.

- Configuration . The bar stool "Loft" can be on three or four legs, it can include a back or have an appearance of a stool. The shape of the legs and the chair itself does not play a special role in its functionality. The most important criterion for the selection of Loft bar stools at this point is personal preferences. Whatever chair you choose, the main thing is that it is of high quality and comes to your taste.

Bar Furniture: How to combine budget and quality?

Furniture "Industrial" is now in high esteem, both among interior designers and among apartment owners. Due to its practicality and attractive appearance, such furniture has won a place in many design styles.

The only correct rule when choosing furniture "Loft" is to focus on quality. The metal construction of the base and the seat made of natural wood is a win-win for the Loft bar stool . Such piece of furniture will perfectly fit into any interior and will bring notes of refinement and nobility.

A quality bar stool does not have to cost like a new apartment. Give preference to proven domestic manufacturers. In this case, you can not worry about your wallet. Value for money you guaranteed.

Do not give preference to such furniture with a very low price. It will either quickly deteriorate due to corrosion or problems with resistance, or it will spoil the floor in the apartment, which will entail additional expenses. If you buy a bar stool "Loft" with height adjustment at a reduced price, then such a chair will last for six months.

Create an island of comfort and creativity for yourself and your family! Furniture "Loft" will certainly help you with this!

Bar stools

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