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Fashion trends in interior design change from year to year. One thing remains unchanged - high demands for comfort and functionality. What is the use of the most extravagant interior, if you have nowhere to put everyday things and everyday trifles? The “Loft” style united in itself the refinement and a certain coarseness of forms, created a successful tandem of comfort with an open space.

If you want to get the most functional room and at the same time do not embarrass yourself and do not restrain the comfort of loved ones, then the Loft style will help you with this. Furniture "Loft" or "Industrial" now exists in a wide variety of forms and concepts due to the popularity of this interior style.

Loft stools occupy a separate place in this variety of furniture items. Chairs and stools "Industrial" are distinguished by their ease and simplicity in design, but at the same time they carry out a rather wide functional range. Besides the fact that such a piece of furniture decorates the interior and does not create unnecessary inconvenience with cleaning, it also has a positive effect on the posture and well-being of the residents of the house.

Particular attention should be paid to stools, the design of which consists of metal and plywood. These components in the style of "Loft" are often combined in other pieces of furniture. The metal construction gives the chair durability and elegance, and the plywood seat provides a comfortable seating position and durability of use.

If there are children in your house, then it will be most welcome to buy Loft stools . The frame of such a piece of furniture makes it as stable as possible due to widely divorced legs. The plywood component reduces the weight of the chair, which greatly increases its safety performance and reduces the risk of injury.

Loft stools made of metal and plywood are treated with special powder paint. This type of surface treatment is distinguished from ordinary dyeing by its particular resistance. At the same time, powder paint does not bear any absolute harm to human health. If there is an allergy in the house, then it is best to give preference to the furniture, covered with powder paint. On other paint and varnish mixtures, an allergic reaction may occur.

Chairs and stools "Loft" often have the ability to adjust the height of the seat. This version of the furniture provides a decent savings. You do not need to pick up chairs for the growth of your household. Everyone can adjust the height of the chair for themselves. When there are children in the house, the choice of such furniture is most appropriate. Chairs "Loft" have high durability. Growth of children over the years will change, and the favorite chair will remain, as before, in demand. It will be enough just to adjust the height.

It should be noted that the seat of plywood with the correct treatment is not inferior in quality to the seats made of natural wood. Special lacquer impregnation does not give plywood over time to crumble and crumble, as it happens with the usual furniture made of plywood. In addition, special treatment ensures that plywood, even in a damp room, does not swell and does not nourish moisture.

Loft stools made of metal and plywood are able to withstand quite a substantial weight. If, even with time, the seat will break you or you decide to change the interior and the color of the chair does not fit into the overall color scheme, then the exit will be as simple as possible - change the seat to a new one. The metal frame of the chair can last for more than a decade, and the seats can be changed at will. This will significantly save money on buying new furniture.

Chairs "Loft" outside the apartment

Stools and Loft chairs can be used with maximum comfort in kitchens, living rooms, and balconies. But does this piece of furniture have a life outside the city apartment? Of course!

Stools "Loft" will be a great solution if you decide to equip a cafe or bar. Adjustable height of the chair in this case is very useful. Each visitor can adjust the stool to his height and enjoy a cup of coffee or a favorite cocktail in a comfortable environment.

The use of Loft chairs in cafes and bars is also justified from an economic point of view. Without changing the square of the room, you can easily increase the number of seats several times. It is enough to install a spacious bar counter and supplement it with Loft stools. There will be more visitors, the revenue will increase, and the cost of such arrangement will be minimal. In addition, there will be no need to spend money on the purchase of additional tables, which will significantly reduce the estimate.

Stools and chairs “Loft” will perfectly fit into the interior of a country house, terrace or gazebo. Thanks to a special powder coating, such furniture has high indicators of atmospheric stability, that is, they can be used outdoors. Leaving the chairs soak in the rain, of course, is not worth it, but you can arrange a covered gazebo with them without problems.

Chairs "Loft" have small dimensions and relatively low weight. To bring such furniture into the house in bad weather or off season is much easier than bulky shops. Some owners of country houses furnish gazebos or terraces with plastic furniture. This is not the best solution. Firstly, plastic chairs and tables serve from the strength of a couple of years. Secondly, they are not able to reliably hold the weight of the average man. If such a chair under you breaks, then there is an opportunity to get cuts with sharp plastic. Yes, and this furniture looks very cheap and unpresentable.

Furniture "Industrial" for country houses as relevant as possible. It will serve more than one year, it will sustain a large enough weight, does not require special care and looks very worthy.

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