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Furniture "Industrial" or "Loft" in the design of apartments is becoming increasingly popular and in demand. Its main difference among other areas of furniture design is the harmonious combination of functionality with conciseness.

Pompous carved furniture or plastic modern can not boast of practicality . Furniture "Loft", in contrast, has a high durability and a beautiful appearance. The use of wood components in such furniture gives it a special charm and exclusivity.

Chairs and stools deserve special attention in the arrangement of apartments and country houses in the style of “Loft” . For rooms with limited square they suit just perfect. In a small living room or kitchen, you can accommodate twice as many guests if you replace a bulky sofa or kitchen corner with comfortable chairs or stools. Each visitor to your home will feel as comfortable as possible in a separate chair, and not on a cramped couch along with everyone.

Outdated kitchen corners in all respects are inferior to stools and chairs. Applying the Loft style in a small kitchen, you get free space for moving and installing additional household appliances. Your guests will no longer have to push and miss each other from the table during the meal.

Furniture "Loft" in kitchen design

Kitchen space is important for any family. In the kitchen, spiritual family evenings are held and urgent problems are solved, birthday parties are celebrated and friendly gatherings are held over a cup of tea, and in some cases even ambitious business plans are drawn up.

If the kitchen is cramped and small, then this is not a reason for despair. The interior in the style of "Loft" will increase the kitchen space at times and at the same time retain all the warmth and soulfulness of this room.

Recently, apartment owners are increasingly abandoning the traditional kitchen layout. Popular installation in the center of the room kitchen island. This design combines the hob, sink and kitchen table. Such an island in quadrature takes up much less space than when placing all these components separately.

Loft stools are best suited to the kitchen island. They are functional, occupy a minimum of space, create comfortable conditions for sitting. In addition, when there are no guests in the house, the stools can be easily pushed under the table. This will significantly increase the passage area and facilitate movement during cleaning or cooking.

If you buy “Loft” stools with a rotating mechanism, the process of cooking or washing dishes will turn into a simple and fascinating activity. You will not need to run from table to table for dishes or food. It will be enough only to gently push off the foot from the floor and turn the seat in the right direction.

According to experts, the installation of stools in the apartment instead of chairs with backs improves the posture of all family members. On a stool, the body assumes an optimal position, and the back muscles are actively working, keeping the spine steady. To buy Loft stools means taking care not only of comfort, but also of the health of their households.

Previously, interior fashion dictated the installation of large and very non-functional corners in the kitchen. Not only did they not allow one guest to leave the table freely, they also turned the cleaning of the kitchen into a very problematic and costly event. Chairs and stools "Loft" do not create such problems. They do not have much weight, so they can easily be moved to another corner of the kitchen for cleaning the floor.

Kitchen furniture made of chipboard often serves no more than 2-3 years. Due to the constant moisture in the kitchen from cooking, this material begins to swell and become useless. Some furniture just crumbles. Alternatively, only carved solid wood kitchen sets. Only now, not every man can lift or move such furniture, which is not what a fragile woman, who most often uses in the kitchen space.

Loft stools are light, very maneuverable and durable. Most often, the frame of such furniture is made of metal, so they are able to withstand the most weighty guest. The design consists of individual metal compounds. This can significantly reduce the weight of the Loft stool . He can easily be moved by both the keeper of the home and the child.

Chairs and stools "Loft" in the design of the living room

Interior designers are increasingly inclined in the design of the living room to the use of a bar with high chairs. Often the living room space is combined with a kitchen. The owners of the apartments appreciated the convenience of such a plan, because it is not only stylish and fresh, but also functional.

In the traditional living room in the middle of the hallway there is a large sofa on which a family or company of friends gather to watch movies or play games. Most often at this time, guests are offered refreshments, drinks, treats. Remains of the feast is very difficult, and sometimes - and it is impossible to withdraw from the couch. Crumbs and leftover food can cause cockroaches and unpleasant odors in the apartment.

Replace the annoying sofa on the bar. Your friends will be able to sit comfortably behind her in the high chairs “Loft” and taste your treats without too much rubbish and dirt. And children at this time can play and have fun in the middle of the living room - after sending the sofa to the dump there will be enough space in this room even for a large company.

Chairs and stools "Loft" does not scratch the floor and do not create unnecessary inconvenience with cleaning. Such furniture will delight you and your family for many years.

LOFT chairs

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