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In any interior style lighting one of the main roles is assigned. The whole thing in the visual perception of different lighting areas. If the light accents are placed incorrectly, the room will seem uncomfortable, gloomy or too small.

Style "Loft" implies the presence in the room of a large amount of free space. Accordingly, the lighting is necessary for this purpose to select the most carefully.

Loft lamps cannot be confused with lighting devices of other stylistic orientation in room design. Such lamps are distinguished by the presence of a clear geometry of forms and minimalist design. Loft lamps create maximum light in a room, but they also add a semantic component to the overall environment.

While traditional chandeliers made of glass and other alternative materials mostly absorb some of the light emanating from the bulb, the Loft lamps act in a different way. Lighting in the style of "Loft" only share the light, give it a piquant blackout and structure in space. They in no way refract and absorb it. In the end, you get more light from Loft fixtures .

Designers have long noticed that the presence in the room of proper lighting in large quantities makes the room visually larger. With the help of properly selected lighting fixtures, you can easily increase the square of a room several times, at least visually.

The correct light in the room is able to hide the flaws of repair, uneven walls and coatings and focus on good accessories or textures.

Do not forget that individual rooms require different levels of lighting. That is why the lighting in the style of "Loft" should be chosen for their intended purpose.

Furniture "Loft" has absolutely no restrictions in terms of placement in rooms. You can use the furniture "Industrial" in any corner of your apartment. It will be appropriate and convenient everywhere.

As for the loft lamps , then greater intelligibility and literacy is required. There are rooms that require the maximum amount of light: kitchen, lounge and living room. Other rooms will be more comfortable with moderate lighting - it is a bathroom, or a hall. There is a third type of lighting - mixed. It involves the installation and active lighting, and moderate. These are different functions, so buy Loft lamps should also be different. The most demanding rooms in terms of lighting and its modes are the bedroom and the study.

Loft chandeliers for hall and living room

The more functionality is given to the room, the more intensive the lighting it needs. For the hall and living room the most suitable option would be a chandelier.

Loft chandeliers have different dimensions, but one thing unites them - a large amount of light. As a rule, the hall and living room are the largest rooms in the apartment. If you put a floor lamp in such a room, it will become more like a basement nook, rather than a full room for receiving guests or family entertainment.

Loft lamps are distinguished by their versatility and concise forms. You can buy a Loft chandelier consisting of individual components that are placed at different heights. This technique will allow you to create multi-level lighting and focus on the amount of free space in the room. Such an installation option for Loft lamps creates a feeling of freshness and freedom in the room, visually expands the walls and raises the ceilings.

Sconce "Loft" bathroom or hallway

For rooms where intensive lighting is not required, sconces are perfect. This type of lighting fixture is mounted on the wall. The number of sconces, depending on the square of the room can vary in any order. The main rule is not to overdo it.

If you set the correct amount of sconces in the style of " Loft ", then you get a moderately dimmed lighting, creating a feeling of warmth and comfort. Bathroom and hallway require it most.

In the bathroom you need to install additional lighting equipment, if you intend to use this room for storage or use of cosmetics. Applying cosmetics requires the most bright light, closest to the day. An excellent solution would be to install a single small fixtures directly on the mirror. It is desirable that they are included separately from the main room lighting. So you get a muffled, non-annoying light for your daily routine in the bathroom, and bright daylight for special occasions or to go out.

Do not forget that the bathroom is a relaxation area. It is not very possible to relax in a hot bath with foam when a bright light hits your eyes. A pair of sconces "Loft" will make this room moderately lit and comfortable.

Floor Lamps "Loft" in the bedroom or office

Installing a dim light in the bedroom is not a good idea. Often, the bedroom plays the role of a dressing room - things are stored here, and a fashionable image is created before going outside. The lack of bright light can lead to embarrassment. With moderate lighting, you may not notice a spot on clothes or ideally choose the color scheme of the image. If you install in the bedroom bright lighting, it will be annoying in the evening, when the body is preparing for bed. The best option would be to install the Loft chandelier together with the Loft floor lamp.

The chandelier will allow you to carry out fashionable fittings, and the Loft floor lamp in the evening will provide an opportunity to read your favorite book while lying in bed. The same applies to the office: a chandelier - for working with documents and receiving visitors, the “Loft” floor lamp for reading and thinking about future things.

Put on the right light, and your life will shine with new colors!

Chandelier Lighting Loft

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