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The style of "Industrial" in the interior involves not only the use of a minimum of decor and the most simple furniture. Behind the brevity and simplicity of the “Loft” furniture items is its high practicality and durability.

Most often in the production of furniture "Loft" natural materials are used. Any piece of furniture, whether it be a table or a cabinet made of solid solid wood, will look expensive and very presentable. The wooden surface retains its natural beauty and uniqueness. The structure of the wood does not change, so the furniture "Industrial" has its original natural appearance. It is only covered with a special varnish, which prevents the accumulation of moisture and loss of appearance due to mechanical damage.

The curbstone "Loft" combines style and practicality. It not only complements the interior, but also creates a cozy niche for storing things and various everyday trifles.

Pedestals "Loft" come in various sizes and configurations. The most impressive look in the design of the room stands, made of metal and natural wood. The frame of such furniture is made of metal elements, which gives it particular stability and durability. Wooden inserts make this stand unique and inimitable.

The curbstone "Loft" can be open (presented in the form of shelves without walls and doors), half-open (in appearance similar to a chest of drawers with additional shelves in the upper part) and closed (traditionally executed form). For different purposes and rooms you can choose a separate configuration. In the bedroom, a closet will be more appropriate, in the living room - half-open, in the hallway or on the balcony - open.

Often, the manufacturer equips the pedestals "Loft" wheels. This allows the most careful attitude to the flooring. In addition, these cabinets are more convenient when cleaning the apartment. To wipe the dust under the cabinet, you just need to roll it to another place. After drying, the pedestal with a slight movement of the hand returns to the place. The cabinet on wheels will not be suitable for installation in the living room. If you plan to place the TV on the Loft cabinet , then it should stand as closely as possible on the floor surface. The wheels will create unnecessary movement and the TV may fall.

Cabinet "Loft" in the interior of the bedroom

Bedroom in the style of "Industrial" suggests a minimum of furniture and decorative elements on the walls. The curbstone "Loft" will be an excellent solution for such a concept of space. This piece of furniture can be installed near the bed as a bedside table. If you install two bedside tables on both sides of the bed, then this will make the room as comfortable as possible for both partners.

Bedside nightstand "Loft" can store cosmetics, magazines, books, valuables. On the cabinet you can put a lamp in the style of "Loft" and enjoy your favorite book just before bedtime, wrapping yourself in a warm and cozy blanket.

The cabinet "Loft" in the bedroom space can be used as a dresser. In order not to install a bulky closet, linen can be carefully placed on the shelves of the drawer. A bedside table will protect things from excess dust and allow them to be always at hand.

Installing Loft cabinets in the living room

By tradition, a television is installed in the living room for family film screenings or friendly gatherings. It’s not easy to choose a reliable and stylish TV stand. The main requirement for such a piece of furniture - stability and reliability. The massive "Loft" stand is best suited for this role.

Tumba "Industrial" fits perfectly into the overall atmosphere of the living room and is a stable base for placing large-scale equipment, such as TV.

In the shelves of cabinets can be folded discs with movies, books, documents on the technique or instructions. So they will always be in sight and a failure in the settings will not spoil the evening.

Cabinet "Industrial" in the office

In addition to apartments and houses, it has now become fashionable to equip the workspace with Loft furniture. Furniture "Industrial" fits perfectly into office space due to its functionality.

The curbstone "Loft" can be installed near the desktop. It is perfect for storing personal items or documents. Such furniture does not take up much space and adds a touch of naturalness and freedom to the boring office space.

Installing the “Loft” in the study can be a worthy alternative to bored shelves. Documents that are stored in the cabinet do not adhere to dust and retain their presentable appearance for a long time.

Curbstone "Loft" can be an excellent substitute for a mini-bar. Many meetings with partners and signing of contracts take place in a warm atmosphere, enveloped in the smell of expensive whiskey. For a special case, it is possible to store such elite drinks in the industrial cabinet. It does not attract excessive attention of the authorities and securely stores your small working secrets.

Pedestals Loft

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