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When it comes to changing the interior, many apartment owners are trying to make up for the lack of good repairs in the past by the pretentiousness and excessive semantic load of the design. This approach can greatly disappoint and not meet the expectations. Stucco molding on the walls and acid-bright colors of the interior will not help to create a comfortable space for living and recreation.

Loft style looks very eclectic and simple. Because of this, many do not pay him due attention among other stylistic areas of interior design. And in vain! The style "Industrial" under its brevity hides the full freedom of thought and lack of framework. Such an environment sets a wave of peace, inner calm and carelessness.

In the style of "Loft" plays an important role competent arrangement of things. The main task is not to overpower the room with accessories and pieces of furniture, but to maintain high functionality. Furniture "Loft" occupies a separate place in the arrangement of apartments in the style of "Industrial". Such pieces of furniture are able to accommodate a lot of things, create a feeling of coherence and order, and provide optimal conditions for storage.

The room, in which everything lies in its place and does not create chaos and confusion even in the daily bustle, claims to be the most efficient and comfortable space. You can safely use Loft hangers for this purpose. This piece of furniture is particularly simple and uncomplicated forms, but extremely rich functionality.

Hangers "Loft" stand out, first of all, for their mobility. If you have installed a wardrobe in the room, then you have no chance to change the atmosphere. At a minimum, you will have to call the movers brigade to move the gigantic cabinet from its place. As a maximum - to do redevelopment of the room to change its location.

There are no such problems with “Loft” hangers. As needed, you can install a mobile piece of furniture in any room without help. And if the hanger is equipped with wheels, this simplifies the task even more.

Hangers "Loft" are very simple and unpretentious in the care. They are more hygienic than traditional cabinets. If we put things in order in the usual closet most often in the off-season, then the Loft hanger allows us to direct a marafet even every day. Hangers do not have hidden corners in which dust and dirt accumulate. Your things will always be fresh and tidy.

Hangers "Loft" large size can hang on them outerwear. Such a wardrobe placement excludes the appearance of moths, which is extremely important if furs or clothes made of natural fabrics are stored in the apartment.

In the usual cabinet often appears mold and fungus. You may not even be aware of their availability. As a rule, these unpleasant "neighbors" are located in secret corners. As a result, the clothes have a musty smell, mold spores come in contact with your skin, and the whole family breathes them. The result of this “neighborhood” can start from modest skin irritations to asthma and bronchitis.

Hangers "Loft" in this matter as safe as possible. The air between the garments circulates freely due to the lack of partitions and doors. Clothes are always dry, have a pleasant aroma. Such hangers are not only an attractive interior item, but also a guarantee of your safety.

Hangers "Loft" in the design of the hallway

No matter how extravagant your interior is, the hangers in the hall should be required. Some apartment owners install cabinets in this room and this is very unwise. Imagine you came from a street where rain was drizzling. Jacket or raincoat placed in the closet. Remains of moisture can not dry in an enclosed space, and you can create a favorable environment for mold propagation with your own hands. Yes, and the smell of damp eats into outer clothing so much that, sometimes, even dry cleaning will not help to remove it.

Furniture "Industrial" will help to avoid these troubles. It is enough to buy a Loft hanger and hang outerwear on it. Your things in the heated room will dry in two bills and there will be no question of any dampness.

You can also place a compact Loft hanger on one of the walls and use it to place keys, umbrellas and other small wardrobe details.

Hanger "Industrial" in the bedroom

Recently, the trend to replace a linen closet in the bedroom with a practical Loft hanger is gaining momentum. Such a move allows you to significantly free up space in the room and at the same time provide a place for your wardrobe.

Hanger "Loft" allows you to hang clothes on the seasons and colors. This will give the room extra charm and structures your wardrobe. Create a fashionable image in accordance with your mood is now not difficult. All things will be located in your field of vision.

On the bottom shelf of the Loft hanger, you can carefully store seasonal shoes. If you put your shoes in a close habitual shelf, then the tops of boots can be deformed, and the shoes will lose their shape and presentable look. If the shoes are correctly placed on the bottom shelf of the Loft hanger, then it will retain its original appearance and will please you more than one season.

Hangers "Industrial" is very versatile. They can harmoniously fit into the interior of the bathroom, office, cafe, studio. Such a piece of furniture does not create an additional semantic load in the interior, but at the same time it clearly performs its functions.


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