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A mirror in the interior of any home or office can become a highlight. This room decoration visually expands the space, gives the room freshness and lightness, significantly improves the degree of illumination when properly positioned next to the lighting fixtures.

Mirrors at all times had a sacred value. Often these items of modern interior were used in magical rites and rituals as a portal between worlds. To this day came a reverent attitude to the mirrors and for good reason. The mirror is really able to fill the space with strong energy. It is believed that taking a mirror to your home from another family, especially after the death of a relative, is a bad sign. It is better to give preference to a completely new mirror, with pure energy. In this case, this piece of furniture will absorb the subtle matters of your home and will radiate happiness and harmony even on troubled days.

Interior fashion is very loyal to the mirrors. Mirror accessories can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also as a decor or instead of paintings. The shiny surface attracts attention and creates an atmosphere of pacification and comfort.

Rules for placing mirrors in the house

Avoid multiple reflections . If you place mirrors opposite each other, they will create a three-dimensional corridor, which affects a person oppressively. Mages believe that such a corridor is capable of pulling vitality and energy from space. Opposite the mirror, an exquisite painting or frames with photos will look great.

Eliminate ambient light. If you install powerful lighting in the room and hang mirrors, the light will be refracted and scattered, creating fuzzy outlines of objects or distortion of the picture. For a room in which mirrors are placed, it is best to choose lamps with low power. In addition, you can use mirrors with a matte or amalgam surface. Then problems with lighting defects will not occur.

Tandem mirrors with fireplace

The Loft or Modern style in the interior encourages the use of fireplaces, both natural and artificial. Supplement the seating area by the fireplace with mirrors is a great idea. In addition, you can dilute the space with metal plates, placing them above the fireplace. The reflecting surface of the plates will complement the ensemble with a mirror and will visibly refresh and expand the room, giving it a special nobility and sophistication.

Mirrors instead of paintings

Interior decoration is a creative task, requiring special aesthetic sense. Modern interior fashion has long since moved away from traditional paintings in bulky frames, since such décor is very heavy on the design of rooms. The use of paintings in the traditional form has become interior movement. Such a decor option is appropriate only in certain styles of interior art.

Mirrors instead of paintings can become a universal subject of decor. The main thing is to place them correctly. Special attention should be paid to the design of mirrors. If your room is decorated stylistically as simple as possible, without color accents, then you can safely hang mirrors with massive frames on the wall, you can even forged. When the interior is designed in the Loft style, then the mirrors should support the general idea of space.

The company "Cold forging" offers a wide variety of forms of mirrors for interior design. There are Loft-style mirrors and models for classic interior styles. All mirrors of the manufacturer are made according to the author's sketches by masters with many years of experience. To doubt the quality of the company's products does not allow their extensive experience in the domestic market and a positive reputation.

How to choose a mirror for a particular room?

Before you buy a mirror, you should decide on its size. Each individual room has its own unique needs, respectively, the mirror in it must meet these requirements.

Mirror for the hallway is better to choose a large rectangular shape. This format of the mirror allows you to see the full image when leaving the house. You just need to spin in front of such a mirror to see the slightest missteps in appearance and promptly fix them. Mirror in the hallway is better to hang on the wall. This will save space without losing functionality.

The mirror for the hall or bedroom is chosen exclusively for the needs. If your bedroom or living room performs the function of a wardrobe, it is better to give preference to a large floor mirror. The mirror surface of this area will allow you to see all the details of the image from different angles.

Bathroom mirror should be medium sized. A small mirror will entail a number of inconveniences, and a large one will have stains and stains from tap water, since mirrors are most often placed just above the sink. A medium sized mirror will fulfill all your needs and will not take up too much space.

If you need a mirror in the kitchen, it is best to choose a small one. Such an accessory will be an interesting element and will add volume to the space. It should only be positioned correctly. Since the kitchen is a space with a high level of humidity and sudden temperature changes (during intensive cooking), the mirror may sweat, or even crack. Place the mirror away from the plate and the window, then it will always be in proper form.

The mirrors of the Cold Forging company are notable for their reliability, durability and durability. Such a mirror will serve you for many years without losing its external data. The company's product catalog presents to the customers a wide selection of a wide variety of mirrors for any needs. Loyal pricing policy of the company makes such a high-quality purchase available to any budget.

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