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  • Кресло Айви FD0318

    Размеры: высота - 72 см , ширина - 56 см, глубина - 60 см. Высота сид...
  • Зеркало Лофт №5 (набор)

    Зеркало Лофт №5 (набор) Размеры: Диаметр: 20 см, 30 см, 40 см, 50 см...
  • Зеркало Лофт №12

    Зеркало Лофт №12 Размеры: Диаметр - 60 см Глубина - 5 см...
  • Вешалка Трелис №10

    Вешалка Трелис №10 Размеры: Высота - 190 см, Ширина - от 50 см до 13...
  • Стол Тремп журнальный (кофейный)

    Стол Тремп журнальный (кофейный) Размеры: высота - 55 см, ширина - 13...

Items 73 to 77 of 77 total

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Furniture in the style of "Loft" - a great solution for a modern studio or apartment!

The “Loft” style in the interior of the apartments appeared relatively recently, but at the moment it is at the peak of its popularity. Its demand for this interior style is due to modern trends in the arrangement of apartments. If 10-15 years ago, gypsum stucco molding and pseudo-gold decoration were considered to be a special chic in the apartment, but now the trend is conciseness, restraint, maximum free space for work and creativity.

The “Loft” style presupposes the existence of various shelves and hangers, which have high functionality, but do not overload the general atmosphere of the room with their bombastiness and catchy forms.

This style in the interior adjusts to a wave of creativity and the generation of fresh ideas. In the Loft space, nothing distracts from work or leisure, but at the same time the space is filled with homely warmth and coziness, tranquility and tranquility.

Style "Loft" in the design of bedrooms

One of the main roles in the arrangement of the apartment is played by the bedroom interior. The style of "Loft" in this room suggests, as a rule, the presence of a large spacious bed and a minimum of decor on the walls. The highlight of the bedroom can be a bedside table, designed in the general style of the room. Replacing the cabinet can be functional designer shelves or clothes hanger.

Furniture in the style of "Loft" is distinguished by its special functionality, so one piece of furniture will be enough to perform all the functions of a bedroom set.

Design solutions in the field of furniture "Loft" or "industrial" allow you to choose furniture that combines the functions of several objects. In a bedroom with limited quadrature, a combination of hangers for clothes and shelves will be an appropriate solution. A skilled designer can easily beat such a tandem, turning it into a central installation of the room.

Loft Living Room is a full-fledged creative space!

Reception of guests and relatives is an integral and very pleasant part of our life. Such meetings can become a reliable spiritual support in new beginnings and deeds. Tight and uncomfortable living room can create a lasting feeling of discomfort and waiting for the speedy departure home.

An excellent solution in the living room of a small square will be the use of the Loft style. This will remove bulky furniture, replacing it with functional and compact. Often, in the space of the reception room, it is customary to install a large sofa that takes up half the space. Most designers leave this idea, since such furniture accumulates a huge amount of dust. Such a sofa is impractical, poorly cleaned and with its dimensions steals a place for free movement.

The "Loft" style involves the installation between the kitchen and the living room of the bar and comfortable bar stools and stools. Another excellent option for a successful distribution of space is the installation of a sofa in the Loft style in the living room. This piece of furniture has smaller dimensions than traditional. Many models of sofas "Loft" disassembled into separate pillows, which allows for effective cleaning of them from dust and dirt.

Furniture "Loft": buy for the bathroom and toilet safety and comfort

The bathroom and toilet in the house or apartment should be given maximum attention. These rooms are highly susceptible to mold and mildew. This problem is familiar to almost all apartment owners.

Mold not only causes visual aversion, it is also very dangerous for health. At risk are children in whom mold spores cause allergies and, in some cases, bronchial asthma.

Shelves and cabinets in the bathroom and toilet prevent air circulation, thereby providing a beneficial environment for the growth of fungi. This does not mean that the shelves and cabinets should be abandoned. The most appropriate solution for the bathroom and toilet will be the installation of shelves in the style of "Loft".

This design allows you to place all the necessary bath and hygiene items, but it does not create barriers to the free flow of air. Shelves are not blocked by doors, so they dry quickly and do not accumulate moisture.

From an aesthetic point of view, the furniture "Industrial" ("Loft") in the interior of a bathroom or toilet room looks very eclectic and appropriate.

Furniture "Loft" - the simplicity in the details!

Any apartment or country house can be turned into a design project with the help of furniture in the style of "Loft". Even with a limited budget, there are chances to create a harmonious and cozy space for yourself and your family.

Style "Loft" implies the most simple finishing of the walls or its absence. That is why the interior design of this room you can do on their own or attract friends.

Furniture "Loft" will be the center of attention in such a room and hide some of the shortcomings of decoration, turning them into a highlight.

It is also worth noting that the furniture "Loft" is very durable and practical. Buy furniture "Loft" means to surround yourself and your loved ones with comfort for many years. Frames of such furniture are made of metal, which allows it to withstand a lot of weight and not suffer from mechanical damage.

LOFT Furniture
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LOFT Furniture

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