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  • Sofa (bookcase) with two drawers

    Height 42cm Width 71cm Depth 36cm
  • Sofa with shelves 07

    Dimensions: height-50cm, width 70cm-107cm depth-36cm Worktop: 360mm * ...
  • Hanger №25 wall decorative.

    Dimensions: height - 36 cm, width - 58 cm, depth 7 cm.
  • Вешалка напольная №2 разборная

    Размеры: высота - 205 см, ширина - 65 см, глубина - 65 см. Размер в уп...
  • Bookcase (metal shelf) 3 vertical

    height 100cm width 36cm depth 36cm
  • Bench 02 forged

    Dimensions: Height-56cm Width-117cm Depth-40cm
  • Pouf 03 small

    Dimensions: Height-31cm Width-41cm Depth-25cm
  • Диван спинка № "6"

    Размеры: высота - 94 см, ширина - 86 см, глубина - 42 см....
  • Sofa with shelves 11

    Dimensions: Height - 50cm Width - 107cm Depth - 36cm

Items 1 to 24 of 64 total

Forged elements of interior design are present in every day life. It is hard to surprise anyone with this but not impossible. This is our Forged Furniture Design. There are Flower stands, candlesticks, forged furniture. We made an unique ensemble of newspaper and flowers holder. The Forged Furniture is not just beautiful, it is also very practical. Forged furniture made by our company will bring you joy for many years to come. Nothing can be a problem for metal base covered by powder paint. This will allow you to use it at your garden or summerhouse. It can be a great and original gift as well for  special occasions. Even one element of Forged Furniture can accentuate interior design as well. 

Do you need wrought iron furniture at a reasonable price and fine quality ?
We have it ! In our shop you can buy all the necessary furniture for the home and garden .

We present tables , bookcases , sofas , shelves, stools. All these products are suitable for the bedroom and hallway, and kitchen . You can buy from us forged products at reasonable prices , because we care about making the price of our products do not cause serious damage to your budget.

Minimal Price: 231.00

Minimal Price: 231.00