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16 Item(s)

Harmonious interior begins with order and comfort. When every thing in the house has its place, the space becomes structured, and the appearance of the rooms becomes neat. Some pieces of furniture have rather large dimensions, but their functionality, at the same time, is minimized. Other furniture with its relatively small size is able to provide comfort and place important everyday little things as compactly as possible.

Such functional furniture includes coasters for newspapers and magazines. This piece of furniture is not installed in every home, and in vain. If it is customary in your home to study the latest press for a cup of morning coffee or to hear the world news from the heat of the heat, the magazine will simply become an indispensable helper in questions of the order and tidiness of your living space.

Supports for newspapers can be in the form of a table, hanging magazine rack or stand. The configuration of this piece of furniture directly depends on what functional duties will be assigned to it.

Newspaper racks

If we compare in size, this kind of press stand is the largest. At the same time, the capacity of such a stand is many times larger than that of other species. The rack allows you to place newspapers, magazines and books as accurately, orderly and aesthetically as possible. It should be noted that the newspaper rack provides excellent storage conditions for publications. Even after standing on the shelves of such a rack for a long time, the pages and covers of printed publications are not injured, are not deformed, and retain their original appearance.

If you are a store owner, then buying a newspaper rack will be a cost-effective event. Forged product will look decent in any interior room. In addition, this stand looks very noble and aristocratic, which attracts increased attention. You can put on the rack the most popular or famous books and magazines. Your customers will definitely be interested in publications that are highlighted among other things with exquisite framing in the form of an openwork forged stand.

Books and magazines on the shelves of the rack will be placed in the most attractive form for purchase. The buyer will not have to search for an interesting edition for a long time on the narrow shelves of the store. The most fascinating selection for him already done. Caring for the buyer brings not only moral satisfaction, but also financial, in the form of high sales.

The rack for newspapers and magazines will be a great addition to the school or children's library. Books and magazines placed forward with illustrations will surely attract the attention of young admirers of literature. If there are children in your house, then such a support for books and educational magazines will become an investment in the intellectual development of your child. The love of reading from early childhood unconditionally leads a future member of society to the desire to develop, grow above himself, to expand his outlook.

Table for newspapers

A home library is an excellent decoration for any home, distinguished not only by its generosity of appearance, but also by its utility. If you are a lover of literature, then buying a table for newspapers will be very appropriate and wise. The book is not read, as a rule, in one day. You can store publications that are currently reading on the table for newspapers. These tables have a small tabletop and a special niche for publications. Your books will be protected from extraneous influences in the niche of such a table, and you will not lose the book you like among all the library literature.

The most spectacular look tables for newspapers , made of metal and natural wood. Metal forged body gives such furniture stability and durability, and a wooden tabletop allows you to sit as comfortably as you can while reading. You can put a lamp, a cup of coffee and a notebook for notes on the table. So you will create yourself a comfortable corner for relaxation and intellectual rest.

Newspaper case

Now wall-mounted racks are becoming increasingly popular. This piece of furniture does not occupy the living space, but allows you to place the press or books in an appropriate manner. Wrought magazine rack can be placed both within a residential building or apartment, and at the front door. Forged stand for newspapers , which is located at the entrance to the house, looks very impressive.

This piece of furniture allows you to place fresh newspapers and magazines in one place, so that at any convenient opportunity to get acquainted with the events taking place in the world.

A great solution would be to buy a magazine rack for a cafe. Your visitors can enjoy morning coffee, and look through the latest press. In the morning, as a rule, cafes can not boast of high attendance. By creating a comfortable environment, you can attract more satisfied customers who have chosen your cafe as their favorite place for breakfast and lunch.

Furniture for newspapers can become not only a functional part of any room, but also a designer highlight in the interior.

Magazine (stand for newspapers)
Minimal Price: 306.00
Magazine (stand for newspapers)

Minimal Price: 306.00