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  • Sofa with shelves 16

    Dimensions: Height - 50cm Width - 72cm Depth - 36cm
  • Sofa with shelves 13

    Dimensions: Height - 50cm Width - 107cm Depth - 36cm
  • Bookcase (metal shelf) 4 vertical

    height 130cm width 36cm depth 36cm

9 Item(s)

Furniture line Provence

On this page, your attention is a lovely line of furniture in the style of Provence. Every detail of it is subject to careful handling, making it perfectly suited to different types of interior. Wrought iron furniture from our manufacturer has a luxurious appearance and flawless high-quality performance. Such things are very practical and demand in the various fields of application.

We are engaged in the production and sale of metal products. Effective wholesale and retail sale. Everyone has a great opportunity to become the owner of exclusive products and with their help to diversify the usual environment. Furniture Provence fills the surroundings atmosphere that prevails in the French countryside. Her artificially aged lends coziness and comfort. All models are original in their own way and attract the views of his grace. The size range of metal products is diverse enough to allow easily select the best option for individual housing options.

To achieve the desired result, it is necessary to arrange the entire territory of the right. Furnish the space in accordance with all the requirements, you can create comfortable living conditions for many years. It helps in this forged furniture range which is very rich and diverse. If you look good, you can see how sophisticated and high quality is created each model. They are made with love, so their presence brings to the room warmth and harmony.

Stable metal shelves can become an ideal place for an arrangement of beautiful vases, figurines and vases. These pieces of furniture do not lose their relevance and daily amaze his irresistible and elegant. Complementing the familiar interior products with artistic forging elements, you can create a truly wonderful composition. It does not require large investments, because here you can buy the furniture at very affordable price. We make sure that our work brings you joy and pleasure, therefore, make every effort to create each new masterpiece. As a result, all the details are obtained neat and fabulously beautiful that attracts attention and gives a feeling of novelty.

Represented on this page Provence furniture line - the original line items from metal and wood furniture for your home. Our furniture line Provence is designed so that it forged elements perfectly fit into your home - even if it is a small apartment or a huge house. At any point, given your home decor, furniture line Provence will look harmonious. Furthermore, our forged products are very functional.

In our store to buy the product from the manufacturer of metal wholesale and retail it is not only very easy but also affordable - the price of your favorite metal products will delight you. Successful to you of purchases!

<p>On this page the furniture &nbsp;Provence line - original line of furniture made of metal and wood for your home. Our furniture Provence &nbsp;line is designed so that it's forged items fit perfectly in your living - let it be a small apartment or a huge house . In any place , considering your interior, furniture &nbsp;Provence line will look harmonious . In addition, our forged products are very functional .</p>

Furniture Provence line
Minimal Price: 1,440.00
Furniture Provence line

Minimal Price: 1,440.00