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The interior design of a country house or the design of the adjacent territory is a very capacious topic that has a lot of nuances. The thing is that a terrace, a garden or a balcony is a relaxation area. Features of the design of this space have cardinal differences from the arrangement of functional rooms such as a kitchen, bathroom or study.

The recreation area should be at the same time as comfortable as possible, carry in each element a feeling of comfort and homely warmth. At the same time, such a living area should have functional components in the form of shelves for books, in the case of a balcony, or collapsible furniture, if a recreation area in a garden or on a loggia is affected.

Garden furniture

If you are the owner of the infield, the crime is to use the free square for outbuildings or leave empty. Even from a small plot near a private house there can be a wonderful garden, which will become not only the aesthetic component of your suburban housing, but also a functional recreation area for the whole family.

When it comes to decorating a garden recreation area, it’s first necessary to take care of garden furniture .

Why it is impossible to equip a garden or an arbor with usual furniture for a house? Because the garden or gazebo in the courtyard of a country house is a space with high atmospheric influence. Moisture, temperature changes, pests - all this can lead to ordinary furniture in a very short time. No wonder that designers create entire lines of furniture for the garden.

Such furniture from the traditional home distinguishes increased resistance to weather conditions and durability. You can equip a cozy corner in the garden to meet guests or have a good time while reading a book during the warmer months. To do this, you need to slightly improve the site, creating a neat lawn, and buy garden furniture.

The big advantage of this furniture is that the investment in such a purchase pays off due to its service life. If you buy garden furniture from a trusted manufacturer, then it will serve you for years.

As a rule, furniture intended for installation in open areas is treated with a special compound. This treatment increases its resistance to humidity and temperature, and also protects against pests (if we are talking about wooden parts in the composition).

Collapsible furniture for the garden allows you to use it with great convenience in the warm season and not to puzzle over storage in the autumn-winter period. The fact is that garden furniture for the winter to leave on the street is not a very good idea. Whatever the quality was not furniture, but low temperatures and moisture can destroy it. Bringing bulky garden furniture into the house is a dubious alternative. Under such pieces of furniture should, at a minimum, allocate a separate room. This is very inconvenient and problematic.

Folding furniture allows you to avoid these problems with minimal time loss. To store such furniture in the cold season, it is enough just to disassemble it into parts and carefully fold it in the closet or hallway. It will not take a lot of space, but it will remain in perfect shape until the next barbeque-holiday season.

Furniture for a balcony, loggia, terraces

The time has passed when the balcony served as storage for sleds and vegetables. Modern trends in the world of interior design allow you to create a full lounge on the balcony or loggia.

As a rule, this part of the apartment is not heated. Central heating pipes on the balconies do not hold, and put heaters - not very economical and reasonable. Therefore, the room for rest and reading on the balcony is a seasonal phenomenon, more precisely - spring-summer. What could be better than to spend the day off in peace and tranquility at your favorite book to a cricket song outside the window? Or finish a hard working day in the arms of a warm rug with a cup of mulled wine in your hands under the barely perceptible sound of falling leaves? All these sensations can become available with the appearance of a rest room in the apartment.

The choice of furniture for a balcony, loggia or terrace should be treated with special attention. If you install an ordinary sofa or chairs there, then you can spend time in a couple of seasons on new furniture. The thing is that the temperature drops in winter and high humidity in the autumn will lead to mold on the couch and loss of shape from the chairs.

There is an exit! Installation of collapsible furniture . Folding sofa will be the best option for such a room. Such furniture is in no way inferior to an ordinary sofa, but in terms of functionality it surpasses it at times. You can use this sofa for the season, and with the onset of cold weather, just disassemble it into fragments and send it to the storage room for storage. Or wrap plastic wrap and leave on the balcony. The film will protect the furniture from moisture, and it will not occupy too much space in the apartment.

Choose functional furniture, and your comfort will always be top notch!

Furniture folding
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Furniture folding

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