Forged metal shelves, buy wooden metal shelf.

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  • Sofa (bookcase) with two drawers

    Height 42cm Width 71cm Depth 36cm
  • Bookcase (metal shelf) 3 vertical

    height 100cm width 36cm depth 36cm
  • Bookcase (metal shelf) 4 vertical

    height 130cm width 36cm depth 36cm

3 Item(s)

The choice of furniture, both for a small apartment, and for housing a large square is a very important question. The color of the wallpaper and the presence of paintings do not greatly affect the overall atmosphere of the interior and its functionality. A skillful combination of comfort and style is the key to a perfect interior. You can spend as much money on expensive Italian wallpaper or designer wall decoration, but the room is less comfortable.

The secret of comfort and unique look of the interior is unusual furniture. The bookcase is the brightest representative of this range of furniture items. Shelves in the interior of an apartment or a country house will be very appropriate and stylish to look and create a separate functional space. Depending on the room in which the bookcase is installed, it can perform a separate range of functions.

Shelves , made of wood, can act as bookcases with small dimensions. This piece of furniture can be replaced with large bedside tables in the hall or boxes for toys in the nursery. Shelves made of metal are more suitable for the kitchen, balcony or living room. There are combined shelves that very competently create a tandem of strength and style due to a combination of metal and wooden elements.

In order to select the bookcase for a specific room, it is necessary to describe as accurately as possible your requirements for this piece of furniture regarding direct functions. Color, configuration and dimensions when choosing play not the last role. Buy a bookcase , and then puzzle over its use - a waste of time and money. Consider the most current areas of application for bookcases.

Whatnot in the hallway or kitchen

For kitchen space is best to choose a shelf from metal. Forged products in the kitchen will look very harmonious and will not create unnecessary trouble with cleaning. The best option for use in the kitchen shelves made of metal will be installing pots with houseplants on it. You can certainly use this piece of furniture for placing cereals, spices or beautiful dishes for special occasions. This is at the discretion of the owners.

The installation of wooden shelves with drawers in the kitchen is gaining popularity. The boxes are well ventilated, so you can store kitchen towels, groceries, dishes and other kitchen stuff in them. Such pieces of furniture help to create order in the kitchen, hide from prying eyes an abundance of cooking items, which on ordinary shelves create a feeling of disorder and untidy owners.

In the interior of the hallway wooden shelves fit harmoniously. Storage of shoes, bags, umbrellas, etc. can turn from an urgent problem into an interesting design solution.

A sofa shelf will also be appropriate in the hallway . This piece of furniture combines the spaciousness and functionality of a shoe shelf with the comfort of a sofa. In order to shoe, you can sit comfortably on a sofa in the hallway. This option is especially advantageous in cases when you have children or elderly people in your family.

Shelf floor or bookcase with a children's room

A great solution for saving space and creating order is to use a wooden shelf or a combined floor shelf in a room for children. Volume boxes of the shelf will allow to collect all toys and children's things in one place. Due to the compactness of such a piece of furniture, you save the square of the room to use it with benefit. On the vacant space, you can install the wall bars or make a playing area for the kids. It's enough to buy a bookcase or floor shelf and move all things from the bulky closet.

Shelves and floor shelves in the arrangement of the balcony

Balcony or terrace can easily be turned into a recreation area, and quite functional. A sofa shelf in this space will be most welcome. This piece of furniture takes up minimal space, but it has a lot of space for the location of a mass of things.

In large boxes, you can store shoes in the offseason, unclaimed small appliances and other household items. Comfortable sofa allows you to comfortably sit on the balcony to read a book or watch your favorite TV series.

A metal shelf can be used to create a relax zone. You can buy round shelves and create your own mini garden with climbing plants. Such a recreation area will appeal to both adults and children. Create a place in your apartment for dreams and dreams, for privacy and finding inner peace.

Use of floor shelves in the hall or bedroom

Shelves with drawers or floor shelves made of metal and wood will be an ideal place to store clothes and shoes. In addition, they can be a worthy alternative to the linen closet in the bedroom. Bed linen, towels, blankets and bathrobes will be in optimal conditions in a wooden shelf. The drawers are perfectly breathable, which allows the laundry to always have a pleasant smell. Even if the laundry doesn’t dry out a bit, then such boxes will not give a single chance to appear damp or musty smell, as is often the case in an ordinary linen closet.

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Minimal Price: 2,436.00

Minimal Price: 2,436.00