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A clear distribution of space in the apartment is not an easy task, and for some it is completely impossible. At first glance, everything is rather prosaic and easy - to buy furniture , arrange it and be done with it. If this were enough, people would not have asked for help from specialists in the field of interior design.

Each apartment is unique. Its square, architectural features, requirements of the owners to the functionality - everything requires attention when arranging the living space. A skilled specialist will be able to choose such furniture that takes up minimal space, but provides the owners with comfort and does not create unnecessary problems.

When the area of ​​the room is small, the question of proper selection of furniture is even more acute. A small apartment does not mean at all that its owners should somehow restrain their needs for comfort or refuse to fill the space with stylistic features.

For the most efficient organization of space in confined spaces, designers often resort to using overhead shelves . This piece of furniture does not occupy the functional space of the room, because it is located on the wall. Thanks to such shelves, you can at times increase the capacity of the room and increase the free square.

Suspended shelf in the hallway

The most problematic room in terms of organizing space is the entrance hall. As a rule, this room has a limited square. In this case, the requirements for its capacity clearly exceed its capabilities. The wall shelf here will be most welcome.

The hallway partially functions as a wardrobe, therefore it stores shoes, outerwear, accessories and other trifles. Hanging shelf will not take place if it is located above the chest or shoe shelf.

Shelf on the wall allows you to place keys, cosmetics, gloves, scarves, hats, umbrellas - all those little things that are extremely important, but tend to get lost among the big things wardrobe. How often did you have to be late for work due to a lost umbrella in non-flying weather? Or freeze your hands in winter because of lost gloves? Now such small problems will not upset you and disrupt your schedule. It is enough for you to buy a hanging shelf and carefully place all your wardrobe trifles on it.

If we talk about materials, it is better to give preference to the forged shelf with wood elements. Such a piece of furniture will add aristocracy and pomposity to your hallway, will be the highlight of the interior.

When the hinged shelf has a special bar at the bottom - this is a huge plus. You can hang a scarf or an umbrella on it. Even an umbrella wet from the rain will dry out in an upright position much faster and will not stain outerwear.

Wall shelf in the bathroom or toilet

Storage of small things in the bathroom or toilet room is another problematic place in matters of repair. These rooms have increased requirements for furniture due to high humidity and low air exchange.

Regular wooden shelves can cause mold and unpleasant odors in the bathroom. It is better to give preference to the shelf of metal. This piece of furniture can have components made of wood, only if there is a special treatment. Such processing of materials eliminates the appearance of dampness and fungus, protects the metal from corrosion and permanently preserves the original appearance of the shelf.

A hanging shelf with a special towel rail will save a substantial amount of space. You can buy a wall shelf for the bathroom and replace it with a cabinet for hygienic accessories and a towel hanger.

It should be noted that such a regiment does not create barriers to the free circulation of air. Your towels will dry quickly and will not create additional moisture in the room. The wall shelf in the bathroom is ideal for storing towels, household chemicals, cosmetics, etc.

Hanging shelf in the toilet room will also significantly increase its functionality. On the shelf you can place hygiene items. If your toilet is too small square, then buy a wall shelf will be a wise decision.

Wall shelf in the kitchen

Kitchen space, as a rule, is replete with various small objects, which in a disordered state create a sense of chaos. Jars with spices, oil, vinegar, sauces and other culinary necessities will fit perfectly on a hanging shelf . You will not need to force cabinets with such small details, and to create extra barriers for yourself.

Arrange the most necessary condiments, groceries, kitchen gadgets on the shelf and the cooking process will turn into a fascinating action, because you will have everything you need at arm's length.

Wall shelf eliminates the appearance of confusion. You put all the jars and packaging right after use into place, because there will be no chaos in the kitchen.

To care for such a shelf is extremely simple. It does not require any refinements or special manipulations. It is enough with a certain frequency to wipe the surface with a damp cloth, and then walk dry. This is the minimum of care measures that this piece of furniture requires.

You save yourself from unnecessary trouble and create order!

Suspended shelves
Minimal Price: 792.00
Suspended shelves

Minimal Price: 792.00