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  • Sofa with shelves 04

    Dimensions: Height - 50cm Width - 72cm Depth - 36cm
  • Pouf 03 big

    Dimensions: Height-38cm Width-60cm Depth-31cm
  • Sofa with shelves 19

    Dimensions: height-50cm width-36cm depth-36cm
  • Sofa with shelves 03

    Dimensions: Height - 50cm Width - 107cm Depth - 36cm
  • Sofa with shelves 08

    Размеры: высота-50см ширина-36см глубина-36см...
  • Sofa with shelves 17

    Dimensions: height-50cm, width 70cm-107cm depth-45cm Worktop: 480mm...
  • Bench 01 forged

    Dimensions: Height-43cm width-96cm depth-30cm
  • Sofa with shelves 07

    Dimensions: height-50cm, width 70cm-107cm depth-36cm Worktop: 360mm * ...
  • Sofa with shelves 15

    Dimensions: Height - 50cm Width - 72cm Depth - 36cm
  • Pouf

    Dimensions: Height h = 50cm Diagonal seat d = 39cm
  • Sofa with shelves 05

    Dimensions: Height - 50cm Width - 72cm Depth - 36cm
  • Pufik 05

    05. ottoman Dimensions: Height - 48cm, width - 40cm depth - 30cm.
  • Sofa with shelves 02

    Dimensions: Height - 50cm Width - 107cm Depth - 36cm
  • Банкетка №04

    Банкетка №04. Размеры: высота - 50 см, ширина - 60 см, глубина - 26 см...
  • Pouf 03 small

    Dimensions: Height-31cm Width-41cm Depth-25cm
  • Sofa with shelves 16

    Dimensions: Height - 50cm Width - 72cm Depth - 36cm
  • Ottoman 01 forged

    Dimensions: Height-43cm width-56cm depth-30cm
  • Sofa with shelves 06

    Dimensions: Height - 50cm Width - 72cm Depth - 36cm

23 Item(s)

Ottoman - benches - chairs - sofas

In order to arrange beautiful and original home, office or restaurant people choose the most appropriate for the nature of furniture. It can be upholstered, wood or metal. Luxuriously soft looks forged furniture production copyright. She characterized by qualities such as strength, stability and durability. Such products are endowed with a certain mystery, which filled the entire room.

On this page you can see a complete list of such furniture and buy it at affordable rates. The basis is metal, processed by cold forging, and polyurethane or batting, which is covered with upholstery. It completely lacks any clear distinction that allows the master to create the most unique forged products. Such a neat and attractive objects give the interior solidity and charm. Forged copyright ottoman production creates a cozy atmosphere in the house and makes it more elegant.

In the process of manufacturing wrought iron furniture, we are experimenting with different materials, creating a literate combination that eventually develop into a single composition. Each work has its individual style and amazing beauty. In everyday life, these home furnishings brings special comfort and convenience, as produced solely to meet the needs of the people. For houses, apartments or cottages forged furniture will become an integral part of the interior. Its elegance and sophistication impress the eccentricity almost everyone.

On our website are wholesale and retail prices, which are characterized by accessibility and democratic. All models of products have exquisite appearance, as well as a reliable and robust design. Metal furniture for many years, remains a fashionable direction with respect to many peers. The room, where they found a place forged elements give the opportunity to look at it from the other side completely. Bench forging fills familiar surroundings fabulous beauty and makes the home truly comfortable.

Restrained style forged furniture will focus on impeccable taste owners of the house and their hospitality. Our qualified specialists are suitable for carrying out their work with great responsibility, so that the whole range of looks noble and elegant. They help to fully enjoy the beauty of the surrounding and see something special in ordinary things.

Metal furniture. Strange sounds, is not it? But it is possible, it happens. Wrought iron furniture (it ottomans, stools, chairs for you) - a metal framework established by cold forging, filling the seat with polyurethane foam or batting, and, in fact, upholstery fabric, whose diversity there is no limit. The absence of reference to something strictly defined, such as the design and dimensions, gives an additional opportunity to literally creating a unique interior (and ottomans, benches, chairs make interior unique). The appearance of forged, but still soft, the furniture - it is a combination of new and experimenting with other elements of artistic forging. Apartment, house or villa - wrought iron furniture (it ottomans, stools, chairs on our website) may be an integral part of any interior, because beauty and sophistication inherent in forged products, has not been canceled.

In our shop forged products you can buy at reasonable prices (wholesale and purchase, and retail). Our price on forged items will delight you!

Banquettes, padded stools, chairs, sofas
Minimal Price: 682.00
Banquettes, padded stools, chairs, sofas

Minimal Price: 682.00