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  • Table 07 glass

    Table 07 glass. Dimensions: height - 65 cm, width - 52 cm depth - 52 c...
  • Стол 10 стекло

    Стол 10 стекло. Размеры: высота - 45 см, ширина - 52 см, глубина - 52 ...
  • Стол-консоль 03 малый

    Стол-консоль 03 малый. Размеры: высота - 50 см, ширина - 40 см, глубин...
  • Стол 12 стекло

    Стол 12 стекло. Размеры: высота - 60 см, ширина - 70 см, глубина - 40 ...
  • Rounded rectangular table MDF + glass forged

    Dimensions: Height-46cm width-65cm depth-56cm
  • Fower Stand Console round

    Dimensions: Height - 92 cm, Width - 27 cm, Depth - 27 cm

Items 1 to 24 of 45 total


At all times, wrought iron furniture used to decorate the interior of the house. It is valued for its functionality, durability and elegance. Our product range includes a variety of its models, including without much effort, you can choose the most suitable option for your requirements. It is very important that it can help to visually expand the space in the room, since it does not take up much space.

The number of people who use at home a small metal table, increases daily. After all, with the help of such objects, each of them has the ability to please yourself and your loved ones unsurpassed quality art forging. The original wrought-iron table combines durability, practicality and individual style. No wonder such a wonderful piece of furniture several centuries ago was considered a must complement each house. He could pass as a legacy from generation to generation, and some of these instances, and in our time are in museums.

The ancient tradition of actively developing today. Our craftsmen create true masterpieces that affect their quality and beauty. Every year the forging skills noticeably perfected, than has attracted particular attention. It is worth noting that the forging of the table is quite a complicated process. For their manufacture is used exclusively the metal, which has the properties of "sag". Compared with wood, this instance is much more convenient and more durable. With its grace and beauty is not able to match any one piece of wood. Table metal blends with any design style. He fills the room easily, lightness and comfort.

By the choice of the table must be approached with great responsibility, because it serves the important piece of furniture, for which every day the whole family to dine, or just have a cup of coffee in a pleasant atmosphere. Therefore, it should best meet your needs and fits all your needs. The table top can be made of glass, wood, MDF or other material. Amazing looking table with legs in the form of decorative patterns. A good option would be a folding table, because it compact enough, but if necessary, it can be placed over the desired number of guests. Wrought iron designs give the house of luxury and nobility. These items are designed to create a fantastic atmosphere among the everyday environment.

Wrought iron furniture is elegant and functional, decorate the interior of a country house, it looks great as garden furniture. We offer custom production of our fine quality tables, wrought-iron furniture, wrought iron coffee tables, metal garden furniture. Wrought iron tables can be placed in the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen. Our tables included well going into a single structure and occupy a minimum of space when you do not use them (online, without leaving your home, you can buy the tables). Our price tables forged (as well as their quality) will delight you. Buy forged products wholesale and retail in our store and you will not regret it!

Minimal Price: 342.00

Minimal Price: 342.00