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  • Уголок 2

    Уголок 2. Размеры: высота - 20 см, ширина - 2 см, глубина - 18 см. Цен...

4 Item(s)

Corners (mount shelves)

As expensive cufflink on the shirt emphasizes its uniqueness, and the corners of furniture give them a sophisticated style and elegance. They perform an important function in the process of assembling the shelf, firmly fixing its elements. During the operation, they account for quite a large load, the level of which depends directly on the entire contents. Compared with standard corners forged, not only support the entire structure, but also serve as the original decoration. Thus, they can be called a beautiful decorative element.

These products from our manufacturer have many features. In some cases, instead of the corners of the shelves can serve. To do this, they are fixed to the wall, and on top put a glass or wooden base. Currently craftsmen create forged fixing with floral patterns or interesting geometric solutions. With them, the interior becomes a so-called pastoral style and attracts the attention of an unusual design.

Wall mount for the metal shelves is ideal to diversify the situation in the country. It is considered that it is in such places pretentiousness forged curls than ever in demand. Although in apartments they will find good use. It would seem, at first glance nice highlight, not only able to save finance, but also make the everyday environment more refined.

These unique pieces of furniture quite narrow space, but on the contrary make it much bigger and more beautiful. Long service life of products allows for many years with great pleasure to use them in practice. In areas where there are forged attachment is always a festive atmosphere that is created by their elegance and presentable.

Wrought iron furniture is universal in that it can be independently repainted in different colors. This approach to life arrangement will allow to experiment with design in all its manifestations. As well as modern style has many different faces, then show your imagination can also be different. Shelves with forged elements always remembered his generosity and unparalleled functionality. They are relevant, always and everywhere, as evidenced by the huge demand for this kind of products.

Corners (mount shelves)
Minimal Price: 101.00
Corners (mount shelves)

Minimal Price: 101.00