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  • Hanger №21 wall decorative.

    Dimensions: height - 62 cm, width - 80 cm, depth of -34 cm.
  • Вешалка напольная №3 разборная

    Размеры: высота - 205 см, ширина - 65 см, глубина - 65 см. Размер в уп...
  • Вешалка напольная №1 разборная

    Размеры: высота - 205 см, ширина - 52 см, глубина - 52 см. Размер в уп...

11 Item(s)

Wrought iron hangers combine classic style and a variety of design solutions. Due to frequent changes in fashion trends people became quite difficult to give your housing exclusivity and originality. But we care about each of you and stably produce functional and convenient models of metal furniture. Of particular note is a hanger on the wall, created by cold forging. It is perfectly suited to the interior of your home, office, hotel or restaurant.

Metal products of our production are characterized by durability, practicality, aesthetic appearance and acceptable cost. In combination with wood, glass or stone, they are able to emphasize the individuality of the room, as well as its aesthetic side. Getting to the design of housing in the first place the task to save space and add some flavor to it. To cope with this challenge to help our wrought iron furniture. It will not only save the free territory, but also will make the standard setting comfort.

Beautiful metal home furnishings for decades did not lose its relevance. Place to their location may be completely different. There are models that are mounted to the wall and those who are set apart. More mobile, mobile hangers considered, as they are easily can be moved from place to place. Wrought iron coat rack in the hall will be a wonderful complement the interior. You can buy beautiful, functional and very durable items on this page. Openwork and also forged strong hangers will be a real decoration of the premises, as well as help to compact outdoor clothes. They all have good support at the base, which prevents the construction pereveshivaniya side.

All of the forged furniture made ​​by our skilled craftsmen, has high strength and resistance. The lines in it are made with great care, so that the products are characterized by unsurpassed appearance and fine performance of the highest quality. We give everyone the opportunity to purchase the object of the author's work at the lowest price. These original and useful things you can easily present as gifts to friends and family.

Wrought iron hangers - stylish classics and new solutions. Nowadays it is very difficult to make housing uniqueness and exclusivity. Similar articles of plastics and particle board can be found in the hallway of each apartment, most of them are similar to each other. Our company Kovkacom offers a wide selection of original and practical metal products that will help decorate your apartment and allow you to add originality to your interior and amenities. In most cases, our hangers forged by human hands will form a good atmosphere in the house of warmth and comfort. Our forged products in the form of hangers perfectly fit not only in the interior of the house, but the house, office, restaurant, hotel. Here are some advantages: • Durability. Powder paint to be applied to products that can guarantee them in good stead for a long time. • Aesthetics. Wrought iron hangers in the hall suitable for the interior, seasoned in any style - from Baroque to modern. • Compatible with most materials. Excellent combined with wood, stone, glass and allow you to create original and interesting design solutions. • Exclusivity. Wrought iron racks make it possible to emphasize the individuality and originality. Wall forged hangers take up minimal space in a small hallway, and with the same functionality. They can be made from the top shelf for placing hats and added benches, sofa hallway or shoe stand. It is also a good combination of forged hanger hallway with wrought mirrors.

Minimal Price: 231.00

Minimal Price: 231.00