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  • Вешалка напольная №1 разборная

    Размеры: высота - 205 см, ширина - 52 см, глубина - 52 см. Размер в уп...
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    Размеры: высота - 205 см, ширина - 65 см, глубина - 65 см. Размер в уп...
  • Вешалка напольная №2 разборная

    Размеры: высота - 205 см, ширина - 65 см, глубина - 65 см. Размер в уп...
  • Вешалка напольная №3 разборная

    Размеры: высота - 205 см, ширина - 65 см, глубина - 65 см. Размер в уп...

4 Item(s)

The basis of any interior - a good arrangement of things. If there is a lot of information about the location of pieces of furniture, history is silent about the proper placement of personal belongings. The most refined and expensive interior will turn into a communal apartment, if you do not create order. Small household items, clothing, accessories - each item should be clearly assigned a place. Then you will be able to maintain order in the house without much effort and provide decent storage conditions for your belongings.

Proper placement of things in the hallway

Upon entering the apartment, guests can be greeted by either a neat entrance hall or a warehouse-store of shoes and outerwear. Two simple admissions will help you to forget about the mess in the hallway forever: a spacious shoe shelf and a hanger. Some apartment owners prefer to install in the hallway wardrobes for clothes and shoes. This is a huge mistake! Shoes and outerwear designed for everyday wear should be on open shelves or hangers. If you hang slightly damp clothes in the closet, then you will take more than one month to smell the dampness and mold.

Hangers "Loft" for the hallways of any quadrature fit just perfect. They hold a large amount of clothing and accessories, take up little space, are very mobile and unpretentious in care. For the hallway will be appropriate as a floor hanger , and a wall option. It all depends on the size of the room. If your hallway is too narrow, it is better to give preference to the wall option. If the square allows, then you can buy a floor coat hanger .

Hangers in the bathroom

A special place in the competent placement of things is given to bath accessories and accessories. Bathroom hangers must be carefully selected. Floor hanger in this space will be absolutely inappropriate because of the high humidity of the room.

Wall hangers for metal bathroom will be the most practical and durable option. Only should pay attention to the method of painting the metal. To avoid rust, the bathroom hanger should be coated with special powder paint. This type of painting will also protect the hanger from loss of appearance, and your towels from rust stains.

Wrought iron hangers in the interior of the bathroom look especially elegant and concise. Such a hanger in addition to its functionality will help to create a noble atmosphere in the bathroom with its inherent ease.

Clothes hangers in the bedroom

Placing a wardrobe in an apartment has not only an aesthetic component, but also generally affects your comfort. If you put all your clothes in the closet, then the mess is guaranteed from time to time. Narrow shelves of the cabinet do not give an opportunity to get one thing without hooking another. Places for hanging clothes traditional cabinets assume negligible.

As a result, you get a mess, rumpled clothes and forgotten favorite wardrobe items on top or hard-to-reach shelves.

The most convenient option for the location of your wardrobe will be the installation of a Loft hanger in the bedroom. This piece of furniture involves enough space for hanging almost all clothes. The configuration of some hangers implies the presence of shelves for shoes or large clothing. This hanger will allow you to place in proper form all your belongings and eliminate clutter. If you need to wear some thing, you only need to remove it from the trempel. Neighboring things at the same time remain in place.

Hangers in a country house

If in a city apartment the presence of hangers in certain rooms is due to their stylistic component and functionality, then within the house you can install hangers at the behest of your heart. It all depends on where you most need one or another hanger.

Maximum fits into the style of a country house forged hanger . It emphasizes the originality and warmth of any interior. If you install wooden furniture in the house , the hanger will only emphasize the comfort and tranquility of such a room.

How to choose a coat hanger?

Before proceeding with the consideration of options for this piece of furniture, you should determine the range of functional responsibilities. If you need a floor or wall hanger for the hallway, it is better to buy a metal product. Such a hanger will cope with heavy outer clothing and accessories, will allow to place a large number of items of clothing. This is especially true if you have a large family or frequent guests.

If you choose a hanger for small items, then the material can be any. It is only worth remembering that forging in a bathroom is better suited forged hanger . Special metal processing makes this piece of furniture resistant to moisture.

When choosing a hanger should be guided by personal taste preferences and requirements for this piece of furniture. The hanger must withstand the loads that you plan to provide it.

Hanger floor
Minimal Price: 1,876.00
Hanger floor

Minimal Price: 1,876.00