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  • Mirror wrought №10.

    Dimensions: height - 92 cm, width - 62 cm depth - 15 mm.
  • Зеркало № "4"

    Зеркало № "4" Размеры: высота - 97 см, ширина - 44 см, глубина - 1 см....
  • Зеркало № "1"

    Зеркало № "1" Размеры: высота - 92 см, ширина - 52 см, глубина - 1 см....
  • Mirror forged wheel

    Dimensions: Height-122cm Width-32cm Depth-2cm
  • Зеркало № "3"

    Зеркало № "3" Размеры: высота - 92 см, ширина - 52 см, глубина - 1 см....

5 Item(s)


can be found on this page with the full range of the highest quality metal mirrors. Such a wonderful piece of furniture like wrought mirror looks unusual and very beautiful. It serves as a wonderful decoration of the room. Despite the rich appearance of products, in fact, prices are quite affordable for each customer.

Fashion may change several times a year, but forged decoration never lose its relevance. The mirror is considered a compulsory part of the design of any room, from the house or an apartment and ending with offices and restaurants. If we design it into a beautiful wrought-iron frame, then you can easily create an antique effect. Noble and elegant appearance can attract the attention of everyone. Glancing in the mirror with a beautiful metal framed, as the man whether it moves into a magical world, where there is good and calm. Modern forged furniture will not leave anyone indifferent.

Already for many years, such products are original and popular as harmoniously complement the interior of different styles. The artistic effect of each model mirror exceeds all expectations. Fans of metal frames appreciate their unique aristocratic aesthetics, elegant designs and patterns. Interior with decorative elements such finds shade of exclusivity and luxury.

It is worth remembering that the forged furniture is characterized by durability and reliability. It is able to serve their owners than a decade, and even become a so-called family heirloom. It is also important that metal objects can be in harmony with materials such as wood or stone.

Mirrors are not just a useful piece of furniture in the room, but it serves as an excellent decoration. Therefore, the frame is beautiful, the more beautiful it looks. Depending on personal taste of the person will depend on the type of frame.

Keep in mind that choosing a mirror in the hallway, you choose the design for your portrait. It can be fixed on a wall, attachment to furniture or set on a special stand. Our professional craftsmen create every year a huge number of different models of mirrors in a stylish setting. If you wish to have in its design really high quality and useful thing, then the range of our production will be the ideal option for this.

On this page you can see a mirror of fine quality metal - an original element of metal interior for your home. Our mirrors - is not just a necessary thing, but also housing decoration. Naturally, forged products will attract eyes of your guests and they will not even be able to guess which is a small price (and the mirror is really cheap you can buy from us) stood on our website next to the mirror. Buy our forged products wholesale and retail - let metal products pleasing your eyes and think of your loved ones!

Minimal Price: 756.00

Minimal Price: 756.00