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We are glad to cooperate with wholesale partners in Western and Eastern Europe and to offer an attractive price-quality ratio of goods, optimal conditions of delivery, discounts for our wholesale business partners. 1. GENERAL CONDITIONS All conditions included in these terms of business cooperation are basic. They are liable to change only on the base of individual written arrangements signed by authorized representatives. 2. PRICES Prices on website are presented for Ukrainian retail customers. To get quotation with wholesale prices please send a request letter to e-mail: rozhdaeva@baisk.com.ua or according to p.4. 3. DELIVERY CONDITIONS Possible conditions (Incoterms 2000) EXW, FCA, DDU Minimum Order - 5000,00 EUR 4. HOW TO GET COMMERCIAL OFFER You can request offer of our products at wholesale price directly on the site after registration. To get commercial offer you may send request by the such a way: 1. Chose desired products and put them to cart. 2. In Checkout form fill please all required fields. 3. In Comments write please Incoterms condition (described in p.3) by which you'd like to get your order. 4. After you push Request offer. All requests will be submitted on website or by e-mail to rozhdaeva@baisk.com.ua, otherwise it will not be possible to settle any potential claims. Your request will be processed within 3 business days and you will get a detailed Commercial offer. 5. SALES DOCUMENTS Baisk Service issues a sales documents and documents for import custom clearence for each completed transaction. 6. PAYMENTS Payments for the order shall be settled by bank transfer to the Seller's bank account. All orders must be pre-paid.


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