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13 Item(s)

This page presents country- style flower coasters of excellent quality. It's no secret that flower stands have become an integral part of the interior. Our company, Kovkacom, in products of the Country Flower Stands combined the “cold” of metal (part of the design is made of high-quality metal ) and the “warmth” of wood. We present to your attention the line, in which country flower coasters with wooden pots are presented. These metal structures in combination with wood look just perfect: forged structures will harmoniously fit into your site - be it a cottage or a garden of a house.

In our stores you can buy metal flower pots with wooden pots cheaply - we are sure: the price will pleasantly surprise you. You can buy forged products you like not only in retail, but also in bulk - you only need to register on the site. Have a nice shopping!

Stands for flowers Country

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