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  • Подсвечник ПХ306 свадьба

    Размер: высота-28см ширина-24см глубина-9см....
  • Подсвечник ПХ203 свадьба

    Размер: высота-20см ширина-17см глубина-9см....
  • Подсвечник ПХ101 свадьба

    Размер: высота-19см ширина-11см глубина-9см....
  • Подсвечник ПХ304 свадьба

    Размер: высота-21см ширина-23см глубина-9см....
  • Подсвечник ПХ201 свадьба

    Размер: высота-24см ширина-15см глубина-9см....
  • Подсвечник ПХ404 свадьба

    Размер: высота-15см ширина-21см глубина-21см....
  • Подсвечник ПХ301 свадьба

    Размер: высота-21см ширина-31см глубина-9см....
  • Подсвечник ПХ106 свадьба

    Размер: высота-22см ширина-9см глубина-9см....
  • Подсвечник ПХ402 свадьба

    Размер: высота-26см ширина-19см глубина-9см....
  • Подсвечник ПХ204 свадьба

    Размер: высота-24см ширина-18см глубина-9см....
  • Подсвечник ПХ102 свадьба

    Размер: высота-17см ширина-13см глубина-9см....
  • Подсвечник ПХ305 свадьба

    Размер: высота-22см ширина-27см глубина-9см....

24 Item(s)


For each person wedding is a very important and exciting time. Even if you are not the culprit celebration, as a guest, then to such an important event, you must treat with great responsibility. First of all it concerns the choice of a gift for the young. The ideal solution would be forged candlesticks that look very original and presentable. They will be the perfect complement of the family hearth.

The modern interior is hard to imagine without these remarkable objects such as metal candle holders. These functional products significantly ennoble housing, filling it with warmth and light. Design, where there are beautiful candlesticks, looks in a special way and exudes comfort. The products can be manufactured in different designs and are designed for a given number of candles.

As you know it the fire has long been considered a symbol of happiness and happy marriage. Therefore, to the house of each family was dominated by peace and understanding, there must burn a fire. To carry out this help candlesticks from our company, which harmoniously combines the original design, design stability, durability, and affordability in price. With us you can always buy quality candle wholesale and retail, self-assessing their benefits.

This exclusive designer thing as a candle holder will for many years to please the married couple, their functionality and aesthetic beauty. The range of data items is large enough, and the original interweaving lines of these accessories makes them works of art. Flawless clarity of forms and shapes can lead to the delight of every connoisseur of forged masterpieces. Besides using these products can visually distinguish a certain zone of the interior. In our online store has hand-made candlesticks, which differ elegance, rough, intricate and concise.

As for the cost, then forged candlesticks prices are quite democratic. Here, everyone will be able to choose for yourself or as a gift to relatives and friends of the most unique models. All of them are made using the most modern technologies, because of which do not require greater attention and special care. And in the process of heating them quite unpleasant smell that much important, because such elements are often used for a romantic rendezvous. Contact our online store candlesticks and appreciate their incomparable quality.

Minimal Price: 90.00

Minimal Price: 90.00