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  • Candlestick PH207

    Size: height-20cm width-13cm depth-9cm
  • Candlestick PH307

    Size: Height 17cm, width 25cm, depth-9cm
  • Candlestick PH301

    Size: height-21cm width-31cm depth-9cm
  • Candlestick PH105

    Size: 7cm height-width-19cm depth-9cm
  • Minibar 901V

    Мини-бар 901B (подставка под бутылку) Цена за изделия без рюмок и гра...
  • Candlestick PH304

    Size: Height 21cm, width 23cm, depth-9cm

6 Item(s)

You are thinking over what unique gifts or souvenirs can be presented to your relatives or friends? So you went to the correct page - here presented forged products of excellent quality, which is nice to get to any person, regardless of his wealth. You will find in our mini-bars of metal in the range, wind vane, metal candlesticks (their production takes place in our production). All these gifts are presented in a different price category, so you can choose a gift for any occasion. If you and your friends like forging good quality - hence, our forged products you have to come to mind!

Minimal Price: 90.00

Minimal Price: 90.00