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Items 25 to 48 of 438 total

Creativity at any age is a storehouse of new knowledge and skills. Doing something with your own hands, you are distracted from the pressing problems and stress, immerse yourself in the world of art and relaxation. Many psychologists recommend art therapy as a universal cure for stress and experiences, and, moreover, for adults and for children.

Children's creativity plays a very important role in the development of the child. Imagination in the creative process is revealed by the fullness of colors, and the child gets rid of neuroses, complexes, experiences. In a creative environment, more self-motivated children open to this world grow up, who in the future are able to achieve greater life success.

Art therapy or any other creative activity involves the use of tools. The more qualitative and interesting it is, the more productive and fun the creation of a creative masterpiece is. If we are talking about children's creativity, then you should pay attention to the fact that the materials for the work were pleasant to the touch. It is no secret that children (especially at an early age) love to feel and touch everything very much. This is due to their peculiarities of knowing the world - they feel it tactilely.

Young children prefer to taste everything new, because some materials for creative work with them are simply inapplicable and unsafe. It is necessary to carefully consider the selection of materials for children's creativity, so as not to cause further harm to health.

The most popular material are various figurines for creativity . Such a tool can be equally effective in classroom hours at school and in children's birthday. Children can paint the figures at their discretion and keep the result of their work as a pleasant present.

The most functional and safe for working with children of different ages are plywood figures . They have absolutely no harmful chemical constituents. Even if the kid wants to taste such a figure, then nothing terrible will happen - there is absolutely no harm to health.

In terms of their safety, figurines made of plywood are superior to other products for creativity . Work with such materials does not require the cutting of parts, which excludes injuries with scissors. The creative process also eliminates the likelihood of getting splinters or scratches, as is often the case when working with wood. Plywood is smooth, pleasant to the touch and absolutely safe, even if the creator is no older than 2 years.

Plywood figurines are available in ready-made forms, and you can choose thematic products for absolutely any holiday. Children have the unique opportunity to create with their own hands a gift to their beloved grandmother or godmother, mom and dad, with a minimum of effort and excellent results with any level of creative skills. If a child can do something wrong in creating a postcard and get upset about the poor result of his creative work, then with ready-made figures such a situation is completely excluded. Decorating figurines for creativity is a complete and win-win pleasure for children and their parents.

Creating Christmas toys can be charged to the smallest member of the family. The child will be busy with creativity most of the day, while his parents can safely engage in holiday preparations. As a result, the whole family is happy and happy. The child will have fun and entertaining time and will give the family excellent Christmas decorations made of plywood. It is worth noting that such toys will retain the original appearance for many years and will not break if your child or favorite cat suddenly decides to knock over the Christmas tree.

Another interesting technique for decorating plywood figurines is decoupage. The technique is to use glue impregnation to apply a pattern to a figure using a bright paper napkin. This technique is more suitable for older children or adults. Yes, yes you did not think. Decoupage is a true art that some adults have even turned into a small business.

Items for decoupage are made from various materials. But in this case plywood is the best choice. Plywood figurines are in excellent contact with glue, they dry quickly and do not smear the ornament. Even a novice can work with them.

It is worth noting that plywood is excellent "friendly" with aromatic oils. Souvenir perfumery is a trend in the sphere of hand-made. In order to fill the apartment with aroma, it is enough just to drop a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil onto the plywood figure and place it in a prominent place. Such a fragrant decor keeps smells long enough. By the new year, you can use the oil of mandarin and spruce - then the aroma of a holiday in the literal sense of the word will hover in your house.

Everyone can create plywood souvenirs with their own hands. Such a gift will be dear to the heart, because it is made with love and awe. The best gift that is made by yourself is the absolute truth! The older generation aspirated stores children's crafts and gifts. If such children's gifts are made of plywood, they will retain their original appearance for many years and become a real family treasure.

Plywood figures
Minimal Price: 8.50
Plywood figures

Minimal Price: 8.50