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Wood engraving

The most popular method of drawing on a wooden surface of drawings is engraving. This method of decorating the surface is characterized by increased pattern resistance to abrasion and durability. Modern wood processing includes laser engraving. This method allows you to create the most clear and smooth image, draw the thinnest lines, apply halftones to the surface, which makes the image even more realistic and alive.

The method of laser engraving is most often used for decoration of key chains, caskets, tablets, wooden frames for paintings and mirrors. In addition, the popular direction is the production of premium character or congratulatory. Laser engraving makes it possible to decorate the product in a short time in a style similar to traditional burning out, only with greater accuracy and high image quality.

High precision laser allows you to create realistic portraits and pictures on the tree, thanks to the increased detail. This is a great gift idea. The portrait can be applied to the box, plate and other wood products. High quality laser equipment operators will easily create a real masterpiece on natural wood. Such a gift will cause a flurry of positive emotions and gratitude.

Connoisseurs of billiards will like a gift in the form of a cue with a personalized engraving. This gift can emphasize your respect for the hobbies of the birthday and honor him with a special sign of attention.

Creating relief images for the real master is a matter of minutes. In addition, it is possible to complement the drawing with shaded details. This will give the image volume and realism. The texture of natural wood gives a burned pattern of refinement and uniqueness.

Modern laser can vary the shades of lines and points depending on the power and time of exposure of the beam. A skillful master can alternate the shades of an image, starting with ocher and ending with almost black.

It should be noted that the quality of the pattern is almost independent of the size and shape of the workpiece. Masters can apply the image with jeweler precision on any given surface. The clarity of the picture will be as high as possible, and the stability will be surprisingly long. Engraving on wood implies the application of simple inscriptions and images, as well as photographic drawing of high accuracy. Inscriptions using monograms and fancy lines on guitars or signboards are especially popular. Such a product will be an excellent gift for any anniversary or a significant holiday. Connoisseurs of beer are often presented as a present wooden beer kegs with engraving. Rarely, these orders are limited only by the inscription, because there is an opportunity to put a portrait of the hero of the occasion, and this doubles the delight of such a present.

Wood engraving in its modern form can be applied to items with a complex shape. The quality of the picture here is completely dependent on the skills of the master. His task is to clearly identify the boundaries of the picture and create a contrast of color. Attention should be paid to the possibility of creating identical products. The high-tech laser allows you to accurately apply the thinnest lines on wood and recreate two or more identical patterns. This is most often required for the image of the logo of a corporate nature or the application of a corporate logo on products.

How to make an engraving on a tree of impeccable quality will become clear after reviewing the material and wood species. Maximum image accuracy can be achieved using quality wood and its preliminary preparation for engraving. A true master is able to select the optimum wood species for a particular pattern so that the image looks advantageous and unique. Breed of a tree defines features of a relief of lines, depth of color and contrast of shadows.

The basis of the walnut is not suitable for photographic drawing, since this breed has a dark color and pronounced texture. The lines of the picture may look unclear or even be lost among the wood streaks. The most suitable for complex images is alder. This breed has a light shade, so the smallest elements and lines on such a product will look clearly and neatly.

The engraving on plywood deserves special attention. An example of these works are exquisite murals that have graphic inscriptions in unusual fonts that adorn the rooms of baths and saunas. Laser engraving on plywood allows you to use colors from light brown to black, which makes each drawing more profound and unique.

Pictures on the wood
Minimal Price: 200.00
Pictures on the wood

Minimal Price: 200.00