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Since ancient times forged furniture could afford only the august persons. These interior delights decorated palaces and noble houses, being the pride of the owners and the envy of the guests. Modern trends in the world of interior fashion allow the use of wrought-iron furniture in any design. The abundance of furniture models makes it possible to choose the design of any room for its specific functional requirements.

Forged furniture to order is a unique opportunity to create a harmonious living or working space, while maintaining the comfort and elegance of the room. Custom-made pieces of furniture are not limited to cabinets or chairs. Hangers, chandeliers, sofas, tables, shelves - this is not a complete list of forged products that can be performed individually.

Forged furniture to order for the hallway

Particular attention in the interior hallway attracts a hanger. This piece of furniture not only serves as a decor, but also performs a number of important functions. Roomy and compact wrought iron hanger will allow you to structure things and create a sense of order and harmony.

Hangers are made of high quality metal by cold forging. This allows products to provide maximum durability and attractive appearance.

The important role in arrangement of a hall is played by a banquette. Forged bench to order will make the space more functional and comfortable, decorating the interior. The product can have a soft seat or combine the properties of a shoe cabinet and sofa. Any configuration of such a plan of furniture to order will be made in the best possible way. Individual measurements will allow you to set the bench, avoiding the inconvenience of movement.

In the hallway stands for metal shoes or umbrellas look very impressive.

Metal furniture for living room and kitchen

Reception of guests and family pastime can become more comfortable with the purchase of wrought-iron furniture. An individual order will allow you to pick up pieces of furniture, taking into account the size of the room and taking into account all the wishes of functionality.

The indisputable advantage of metal furniture for the kitchen and living room is its compactness. Conveniently accommodating a large number of guests will not be a problem if you buy custom-made wrought-iron furniture from a trusted manufacturer.

Luxurious atmosphere during the meal in such an atmosphere is provided to you!

Forged furniture to order for the bedroom

The bedroom is a place of rest and recuperation. The atmosphere in this room should be as calm and harmonious as possible. Screaming bright colors and intricate forms of furniture are irrelevant here.

Forged furniture Loft looks very stylish and discreet in the interior of the bedrooms. It combines high functionality with excellent appearance. To order wrought-iron furniture for a bedroom means to provide yourself and your spouse with an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. Wrought iron, Loft-style bedside tables, dressers and lamps are perfect for the bedroom.

Metal interior accessories

Not only wrought-iron furniture noticeably transforms the interior and gives it sophistication. The presence of metal accessories allows you to complete the overall picture of the design space and place stylistic accents.

An excellent option for any interior would be the use of Loft-style lighting. Sconces, lamps and chandeliers will make the room brighter, visually expand the space and create a feeling of lightness and weightlessness. The durability and versatility of such accessories make it possible with the next change of the interior not to spend money again on the design of lighting. In any new design, metal loft accessories will still look advantageous.

A separate role in the design of the room is given to mirrors. Interior fashion involves the use of mirror surfaces in any style. If you order a mirror Loft of an interesting form, you can create a stylistic highlight without involving an interior designer. Competently positioned mirrors are able to increase the amount of light in the room, visually expand the space, bring an atmosphere of comfort and warmth to the room.

Among the advantages of custom-made wrought-iron furniture are high practicality (pieces of furniture are made of metal, which allows them to be used for many years without loss of appearance), versatility of use (Loft forged furniture fits perfectly into any interior), uniqueness (furniture created according to an individual sketch to order becomes unique).

Buying forged furniture to order is a profitable investment in your comfort. With this format of purchase, the client has the opportunity to order Loft furniture by individual measurements and with special wishes, which will allow creating a real masterpiece of interior art, which will not have analogues in the whole world.

Furniture under the order

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