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  • Wooden flowerpot 600 * 160

    Деревянное кашпо 600*160 Размеры: ширина 600мм глубина 160мм высота...
  • Wooden flowerpot 320*160

    Деревянное кашпо 320*160 Размеры: ширина 320мм глубина 160мм высота...
  • Wooden flowerpot 500*160

    Деревянное кашпо 500*160 Размеры: ширина 500мм глубина 160мм высота...

3 Item(s)

On this page of the site you can see all models of pots made of wood, the diversity of which can surprise the most demanding customer. Buy pots from the manufacturer you can cheap, but their quality characteristics will be guaranteed excellent. The appearance of products can cause a wave of admiration. The building, which is decorated with wooden pots, looks harmoniously and stylistically correct. The company "Cold forging" gives a chance to its customers to buy pots of high quality wood wholesale and retail.

For the owners of the apartment and houses that prefer naturalness and natural beauty in the interior, these objects of interior decoration will be very useful. Exquisite stand with fresh flowers and amazing practicality will appeal to literally anyone. The durability of these products, as well as a carefully crafted unique design, gives them the opportunity to become a noteworthy accessory of the interior decoration of the room.

A beautifully decorated flower bed or a separate plant attracts the eyes of guests every time and fills the room with positive energy. Next to flower arrangements in pots made of wood, any interior will sparkle with new rich colors of life. These devices are considered elegant interior accessories that stand out for their coziness and comfort, thanks to a variety of functional properties.

True connoisseurs of art and interior design are sure to select for themselves the wooden pots created by the hands of our specialists. They will provide their own owners comfort and harmony.

Flower compositions, correctly placed in unique pots, fill the room with freshness and transmit the energy of life and positive vibrations to their owners. These models of quality wood have all the chances for many years to please the eye, sitting in the rooms of the apartment or on the loggia.

We try to make our customers as satisfied as possible with the product received. The wide model range is characterized by high quality characteristics, unique design and moderate cost. The company "Cold Forging" employs the best specialists with deep knowledge in their own business. Masters so delicately create the beauty of metal that they reflect it in the smallest details.

If you intend to please yourself and visitors to your home with something non-standard, then the luxury pots from Cold Forging, collected on our website, are perfectly suited for this purpose.

Varieties of wooden pots and their application in the design of premises

There are pots designed for hanging the wall, and models that will be placed on a flat surface. In general, those and other models can be applied according to mood.

Cache-pots, which are located on the walls, have low weight, but at the same time are distinguished by high reliability and durability. At the discretion of the owners of the house, any pots can be mounted by using special metal corners-fasteners. Fine forged metal corners are also presented on the Cold Forging company website. Hanging pots in a suspended state make the room brighter, more interesting, and eliminate the need to use other interior accessories.

Wooden pots, which are designed for installation on a flat surface, perfectly complement both the interior and exterior of the building. In European countries, there is an amazingly beautiful tradition - decorating the balconies and windowsills of apartments with fresh flowers in wooden pots. Many cafes and restaurants in our country also practice this design move in the spring-summer period. Cache pot with flowers at the entrance to the institution attracts increased attention of customers. Seeing the reverent attitude to the design of the entrance group of a restaurant or cafe, customers form a feeling of taking care of themselves, of favoring the owners of the establishment.

Wooden pots perfectly fit into the interior of the institution. They can be placed on elegant tables or window sills. Such flower arrangements are able to transform the space beyond recognition and create an atmosphere of comfort and convenience.

Cache-pot with flowers will look amazingly harmonious in the office space. Bright colors of flowers dilute the strict psychological climate of the working process and set the workers on a wave of creativity.

Such unique products have long been considered the measure of design and floral business, captivating with grace and versatility. They look simply luxurious, which explains their amazing popularity.

On this page there are collected models of pots made of wood, which you can buy relatively cheaply (its cost is indicated next to each product). Such wooden pots are also applicable to forged metal stands. With them, any garden or plot will have a fresh and tidy look. You can also look at forged metal coasters in the company's catalog. The cost of metal products is moderate, so any client can afford them. Metal products and wood pots you can buy from us at retail and wholesale.

Wooden flowerpots
Minimal Price: 289.00
Wooden flowerpots

Minimal Price: 289.00