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Standard and bored in our society, the exterior of the house is distinguished by a sad design and the lack of stylistic highlights. Benches, flower beds and traditional green spaces are no longer a wonder. Surprise guests at home and your imagination can only be special accessories, unlike any other. Among the decorations of the backyard area are art objects and garden columns.

This type of landscape art is now the most popular among admirers of non-standard and bohemian design of the garden. These design elements are able to diversify the most common garden plot and bring notes of nobility and sophistication into its arrangement.

The green zone of any residential country house is worthy of special attention. With a careful approach to its design, you can create a masterpiece by combining natural beauty and the fruit of skilled hands in the form of refined metal columns into an amazing tandem.

Garden columns as the center of a flower arrangement

The exterior of a country house is a complete excursion into taste preferences and a sense of style of its owner. Traditionally, the presence of columns in the arrangement of the backyard area is associated with the installation of bulky gypsum objects that look like parts of ancient Roman temples. This is a beaten stereotype. People who have an idea of ​​landscape design are well aware of the modern world fashion for installing metal columns.

Forged columns look exterior incredibly elegant and fresh. They do not glut the overall picture, do not create stylistic gravity and neatly emphasize the design with their nobility. Forms and configurations of such columns can be completely different. The only thing that unites them is the harmony of the structure and its universality.

Columns from metal can be established in the conditions of any country house. Argued that such art objects for the garden are relevant only in the arrangement of the backyard area of ​​large residences or castle buildings. This is absolutely not true.

Forged metal columns do not look pretentious or pompous. They are set to emphasize the beauty of nature in the general symphony of the exterior, and not to indicate the level of wealth of the owner of the house.

Metal flower pots as a work of art

Many outdoor plants are overly fascinating to weather conditions. This creates unnecessary problems with their stay in an open garden bed. The best solution for planting unique or whimsical representatives of the plant world, will be a flower pot made of metal .

This arrangement of the plant involves the creation of optimal conditions for growth and flowering due to the individual approach to it. The metal pot in the street has a high thermal conductivity, so that at the first rays of the sun the roots of the plant will be warm. In addition, these flower pots are very resistant to damage. If there is a squall wind or bad weather outside, then you should not worry about the safety of the pot and the plant in particular. Even if a strong wind breaks the branches of a flower, the root system will remain inviolable. For a couple of days of proper watering and care, you will receive new green shoots.

The pot, in addition to its high functionality, also has an aesthetic component. This subject of the exterior will be a unique decoration for any infield. The pot can be installed both on the ground and on a special stand.

Practical tips for installing garden sculpture

Garden art objects themselves are a stylistic component. If you install them without taking into account certain landscape rules, then the exterior picture can turn into a tasteless spectacle.

Competent installation of garden sculpture involves a preliminary study of the panorama of the infield. If you install a metal column or flower pot within a bright and high flower bed, then these art objects will simply lose their visual function. They will become only a shadow of a flower composition.

The most complete art objects for the garden unfold on the background of pristine green array or neatly trimmed lawn. A flower bed will not interfere if it is located a little further from the column or a large metal flower pot.

There is a rather interesting and relevant design move for the visual selection of art objects against the general background of the exterior. This trick is the use of natural stone or large gravel. This building element does not have a high price, but in the arrangement of the landscape of a country house is simply indispensable.

To select a column or a metal flowerpot , you just need to create a neat glade of gravel or stone. You can complement this picture with succulents. They will add sophistication and naturalness to the overall background.

To create masterpieces, you only need your desire and talent of a reliable manufacturer!

Landscape gardening design

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